Tuesday, February 14, 2012

big bro love

We have had this keyboard for yonks which my brother took back to his home and returned recently. The boys of course fought over it. Not that they knew how to hit the notes properly or played a tune..

The next day while Harry Potter was at school, Gooly was gleeful that he had the keyboard all for himself. But not for long...for the little babe came crawling away and demanded to play it.

So big brother carried her gingerly unto his lap and let her play all she wanted.

Not a peep from him. He was just happy to share with his lil sis. I quickly whipped out the video camera and recorded the tender moment. I dont foresee i have the time to upload it here...so i shall just write what happened in that 60 seconds or so clip.

..Lolly was on his lap. He kept patting on her head, smelling her head too. When she banged on the keys, he laughed as though she was so adorably cute. He then said, "Are you ready, mei mei? 1,2,3 start!" which the silly girl took it as a command to count her fingers. So she counted her fingers by using her index finger pointing at the other fingers on the other hand. We laughed heartIly, and she turned back and smiled at her korkor. He kissed her and said, "I love you, meimei"

It was really sweet.

He loves her so much he never got jealous.

He adores her so much that he crawls on fours at all times to humour her. They have crawling competition all the time! That makes her laugh so much.

Sometimes she is naughty and hits him or pulls his hair. All he says is, "Notti girl!" in a teasing voice. Of course I reprimand her, but he will say, "Never mind lah..she is just a baby."

He always asks, "How's meimei today?" after school (and probably missing her). When he enters the house, he gives a cheerful, "MEI MEI!" and (secretly) hugs her (cos i always ask that he bathes first before touching meimei. But i guess he just cant wait.)

I have 3 brothers whom i share cordial relationships. I have, i guess, always hoped for a closer bond with them. But hey..its ok now. What i dont have, my precious gets! The best bro one can ever have!

*muacks* to you two!


Gargles said...

jom meh mm jiok sam? yan ju lang chan, now tin si gum doong, yat yat lok suet wei..

(soooo shweet, i wanna watch tht vid, ok!)

BoeyJoey said...

aww... awww.... awwwwww......

yaya, show la the video :-P


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