Friday, October 19, 2012


For the life of me, i cannot Understand why lolly hates bananas. When she was younger, she would shiver like she seen a ghost whenever we fed her that. It became worse later that she would throw up whatever little morsel which managed to go down her esophagus. And since then she would shake her head vehemently whenever she sees the energy-packed fruit.

And so we stopped feeding her that.

Until yesterday...i thought its all about psychology. So i peeled off the skin, mashed it up and told her, "Try it..its Kapu."

Kapu is a good fruit name, dont you think?

Anyways, she was getiing all suspicious..but took an itsy bitsy bite to humour me.

Blasphemy! The look on her face! She went, "Nana!" - all horrified!

If she could talk i am sure she would go, "WTF! Its banana you feeding me! Whats wrong with you? I hated them when i was 6 months old! I remember the taste ok..what were you thinking? That i am 18 mths old? I"m 19 mths old, for fruitio's sake!!"

Well, her face surely said something along those lines...


Its so hard to feed this girl. She eats durian tho...but thats not like the most ideal fruit to feed a toddler. Why..cos its my favourite too! Dont wanna share-share ler..


Small Kucing said...

LOL...she know her taste...durian baru sedap mah

tasy said...

i dun belif! mix bananah with durian, see her taste buds so geng not?!

goolypop said...

Sk, u also peminat durian ka..yau tay-si!

Tasy, in that event, i think she will shit and smear on your face...i think only la..maybe she will ask u eat also..


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