Saturday, October 20, 2012

The monster

Finally, after Lolly came into our world, papah and i knew what is it like to have a tornado in the house, despite her being the youngest of the two. That is because Gooly grew from a helpless, immobile baby straight (kabam!) into adulthood. There was no terrible twos, horrible threes, stressful fours, fives, sixes, etc.

He was amazingly mature. It was like he hit puberty at age two without the hair and crazy hormones. He ate (properly) what we fed him, talked like Oprah (age 2 Oprah), and was very very obedient. We held hands where ever we went. Everytime people talked about difficult toddlers, we were smug and went "pffffthhh" -how difficult can they be. we know........... And this is before she even strikes age two. Oh the horrorifying tornado, loose canon, opened it whatever catastrophic simile you want.

To date, she has applied sticky mosquito balm all over her hair and face. Organic. They are darn expensive creams ok!! *clutch heart* exclusively from US ok! *wipe tears*. Half a tin gone on her (cute) face.

...she tells you she wants water to accompany her meals. Because she drinks so little, we jump and retrieve the h2o for her. And she pourrrrrs them into her rice. *tears out hair* and she declares victory by shoving the plate onto the floor.*screams*

... she climbs. Like up to the roof, if no one stops her.

... She runs aimlessly at the malls. Screams at restaurants. Pinch waitresses butts (oh wait..thats papah)

... She needs a good pat to lul her to sleep. Problem is, she will direct you to pat her bum, and changes location every 5 seconds. She wants the bum, no..the, the, back to the bum.. It can go on till the cow comes home. Same goes for the song singing. Wheels on the Itsy If you are happy...gah! Go to sleep already!!!

... She hits her brother, snatches his glasses, kicks his butt (not yet, but soon, i am sure)

Sure, i smile a teensy bit while writing these (except the last one. I dont like it one bit cos he is my baby too.)but at the point of time when it happened, i really wanted to recant my vow of not hitting babies.

Having said that, it is amazing how we can love naughty babes too. When she is asleep (or sick) we go all mushy and gooey, forgiving all her mis-adventures. Her tiny hands are so cute and soft to kiss.

It is strange how her size befits my body frame as though she is custom-made for me, no matter how much she has grown. When she was a teeny weeny newborn, i felt she was the missing piece of my life-size puzzle. And now she is still the piece that fits perfectly into my body and soul.

Its gonna be a long hell of a ride with you, lolly...We will get angry and threaten you with the canes, in due course. scared....

Actually, i am the one who is scared. Gah! Parenting books......gotta buy them.

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