Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gooly is pretty fly for a white guy (but he is not white)

I admit i am intriqued by gooly's vast vocabulary and knowlegde. I do believe reading contributes in making him speak and think the way he does. And Tv IQ, Nat Geo Wild. Not forgetting thru his own accute observation.

The other day we were complimenting nainai's delicious meatballs. ma cooks the best meatballs. Ikea's are meh after you have tried hers. But then again, its like comparing a spoon with a lighbulb cos hers isnt made of beef. But still, yums! So, i said, "Lets call it ahma's greatest meatballs." But gooly didnt agree.He thinks "ahma's signature dish." is cooler. Signature dish - hah! He must have learned that from menus.

And another time, i had a deja vue moment. Soi asked, if he has said what he said before, or have I just dreamed it. He reckoned it was the latter. And proceeded to tell me that there is a machine called ..wait, i cannot remember. Let me ask him again. electrograph. An electrograph to detect brain activities while you are sleeping.

So smart. *peacock proud*

and then sometimes he prattles on about dinosaurs facts which sends me straight off to the wonderland of bags. Pardon my blaise attitude to these *yawn*extinct reptiles but bags are made skins too!*sudden excitement*

Even my friends are impressed with his choice of words. He once said, "dodge" and my friend considered that as a tough word for a 7 year old in a general chinese school environment. And she further clarified her claims with, "Well, at least my niece doesnt use that word."

Hmmm..what is the other word for "dodge" then? *make dodging movements repeatedly in front of mirror to get ideas.

Nope. Cant think of another word to replace "dodge."

Maybe i should ask Gooly.


While waiting, i should also tell you that he reads TinTin. I think the plots are very deep and twisty. I dont know if he gets them. *shrug. As long as he reads, i dont think it matters. Not like anyone is gonna test him. Are you?

Ok. Todoloo, miss lulu. I'm off to ask the walking thesaurus the substitutional word for ..what again? Ah yes, podge...

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