Friday, April 6, 2012

Another genius??

DO you kmow what Lolly fansies? No...not bags. Well, not yet. It's water bottles! She loves them, and takes whose ever's tumblrs..i mean tumblers or bottles, and hugs them tightly to claim ownership. If you try to take them back, she growls at you.

So today, gooly got home from school, stepped into the house, and the lil brat reached, first thing first, his (which later became hers) tupperware. The cover, as usual, was grimy and blackened with soot. Hence i removed it to wash, handing her just the empty container. She dipped her whole hand in, flashed a smile, and then tried to put her whole head in. It kept her occupied for a little while.

And then we went on with our business (read:me watching kingwa choonmung while she waddles around the house like a penguin). At some point, i must have handed her the cover while she tossed the empty container at some obscure corner of the house. Suddenly she came up to me.

Imagine this - her diapered butt bulged with a picture of strawberry, little foot steps that resemble drunken motion and her height reaching my knee (reminding me of an ewok). She wrapped her little fingers around mine and gave a gentle pull. Oh this means she wants me to follow her. I like that she is communicating already. So i abandoned Lisa (on tv) to go with her.

And so hand in hand, we walked. From time to time, she looked up at her *ahem* tall mom and gave a smile - the smile that I love so much cos it makes her look coy. I thought we were going for a walk, a tour around the kitchen, with her holding the cover of the tupperware.

We walked into the kitchen. She stopped by the whatchamacallit - drain hole? And squated down to insert her puny finger to lift up the cover. This little daily annoying action..well..annoys the bejesus of us and so I gave a stern warning. She got up, held my hand and turned to the counter top.

She made a sound, put the tupperware cover on top, and pointed her finger at....

VOILA! The container! She remembered where it was put and she knows they belong together

Zowee! My baby is a genius!

I was so proud with this impromptu treasure hunt, well sort of..since it involves quite a distance (100meter?), looking for an object and route memory. I clapped and clapped while she smiled and smiled and tried to place the cover to where it belongs.

Above all, i was ...still am, impressed with the way she communicated - holding hand, pulling, gesturing...Well, actually she has done all that before, like asking for food by pointing, or the radio to be turned on by shaking her butt, grabbing her own pillow when she wants to sleep...but this evening's series of actions demonstrates that she understands a lot more.

But hor, its always her telling us what to do...never the other way round. Try, "Lolly, show me your tongue." She 'choy nei dou sor!'

Is that better than BLUEkK? Maybe she knows its rude hor?

Btw, when i said "another" genius, the first one was none other than me - the winner of alphabet recitation below 5, Pj district, year of 81.


Gargles said...

after an interview with a "close friend" of the other side of the family, they proclaim that the genius genes do come from their side, and the fact she likes tupperware more than bags prove the case.

goolypop said...

Take that back! Now! Somebody hold me...! Or im gonnna....cut ur new postman bag!


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