Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ms Ng

So, we have a Miss Ng in da house. She makes Ng..Ng...Ng..Ng..sounds (similar to those hard pooping sound) when she wants something, can't reach for something, needs help in something, can't fit a big container into a small container...you get the drift. Oh! She is so whiny!! But we love her to bits that we just have to make light of the situation. Otherwise we will just go cuckoo with all the irritating hard-rock poop sound around the clock!

Thus the name, Ms. Ng.

She whines, we ask, "yes, ms Ng"

She complains, we say, "whatever, ms Ng"

Miraculously, whenever we have company, she is like this Ms Ladylike, smiling sheepishly, offering her hand to be held, posing (usually tilitng her head to the side with megawatt smiles) for cameras. Not that I am complaining. She is really the cutest thing we ever owned..I mean, have. That is, at the presence of others.

Ada's mom says she is so "stoh-bury" (strawberry) like, a Thai lingo for someone who is soft spoken, gentle, manja..I think. Or it could be "aqua-like". But we all melt under her charms of coyness. Especially when she suddenly comes up to us, her lips close to ours, offering kisses for no reasons, but love.

And then she says HI in Stitch's voice, and helds her hand high up like Hitler.

But she is not so cute when she has a whole WWF smack down session with her brother, which often ends with her biting his finger.

Well...still a little cute, eh?

And then this morning she hid her chut chut - the utmost important tool in OUR lives! She can't sleep without it. When she doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps! And so we panicked - gooly and I (papah was at work). We searched every nook and corner, every drawer, even the fridge. The fridge?? Yup, the fridge. Everything is possible with my girl. Hence the hunt began, while she looks nonchalant, giggling girlishly here and there. Finding the mini pink chut chut in an apartment after the tornado named Lolly hit it was near impossible. We flipped and tossed and turned every damn thing...and then I suddenly remembered...

She has been walking in and out the walk in closet of late. Careful not to snap her fingers with the sliding door. Sometimes she looked oddly suspicious like she is taking stuff from there and putting it elsewhere. And so I thought, if she could take things out, she could bring them in! And so I checked...viola! Right under...I don't even know what to call it. But it was some obscure place.

We were so jubilant with our treasure hunt. Meanwhile, she looked at us innocently and reclaimed her chut chut in a cool manner, looking almost haughty - like "what's the big commotion? Why didn't you just ask me".

But she does look cute with the pink "thing" in her mouth.

So, it's really a "drive us up the walls" stage with many intervals of "cutest thing on earth".

"COME DOWN, lolly! dONT CLIMB!" I guess it's one of the "wall" moments now.

Gotta love life. In Bangkok. Just me and the kids.

Again. :)

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tasy said...

I hear ya! Boring doe kum??!


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