Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trick Question

M: *in stupid cannot decide mode* Do you think I should cut my hair?

P: Is that a trick question?

M: No...... Do you like me in short hair or long hair?

P: Is that another trick question?

M: *roll eyes* No.... Quick. Long or short?

P: Now nice wat..

M: Remember last time? The short hair? Nice or not?

P: Nice......... *drags the answer making it sound too fake*

M: Now long already. Nice or not?

P: See, it's a trick question.

M: Haiya... should I cut or not lah?

P: No need. Now nice. (How contradicting!)

M: Oei..don't simply say to save money arrh.

P: See, trick question........................

*slap forehead* Why is it so hard for him to decide which is nicer? Short or long? Then again, if it's an easy decision to make, I wouldn't have to ask him, right? Kekekekke.

Haiya..actually it's really easy. All he has to do is to say something, anything between the two, and I will disregard it and do the exact opposite of what he says.

So tonight when he comes back, I will shout, "A OR B???" A - to cut, B - not to cut. See which one he chooses. Then again if he said something not to my satisfaction, I may just switch the answers.

Moliew! Tarak kerja buat ka???


smallkucing said...

What if he say C?

tuti said...

he is a well trained male.
cannot answer this type of 'trick' question. :P

Sinkar Bao Daiwok said...

really a trick question wor..

the last time i met u, u look like this.. how to answer leh?

goolypop said...

smallcat, C ah..wuiyoh... its package yang meliputi colour hair, rebonding and breast enlargement lerrr...

Sei mei?

goolypop said...

tuti, my MIL trained him ka? Aiyorrr! I forgot to check this criteria before kawin leh. have to untrain him..

goolypop said...

Sinkar Bao TaiYan,

Nice, Pretty, Beautiful - mmg pun tough choice....But whichever of the three not wrong geh... Fongsum answer la!

smallkucing said...


goolypop said...

smallcat, dun jarjar tai want me to gib u CPR ah~~~

Gargles said...

CUT! CUT! CUT! everything CUT! didn't watch that ad ah you? now "hing" ah.


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