Thursday, October 22, 2009

My voice

Every night it's the same routine.

"Mom, can you read me some stories?"

Bedtime stories. Mmm.. It has been the same for the past (close to) 5 years. I do enjoy these sessions as much as he does. That is, when I am not tired, lazy or thirsty or wanting to chat with friends online.

Now that he is quite literate, I do encourage him to read on his own. It's not because I am tired, lazy or thirsty or wanting to chat with friends online... it's to enhance his reading skills, okay? *ahem*

But still every night, I hear, "Mom, can you read me some stories?"

Yesterday I just have to find out why. What is the difference between me reading and him reading the books on his own.

I suspected one of the below:
a. I am lazy
b. the words are too hard
c. I just don't want to sleep so I am delaying bedtime

..which I knew he wouldn't have the guts to say it, but still I was really curious of his reply. I wanted to see how he could explain himself.

But, I was in for a surprise for..

..he had said meekly, "I like your voice reading.."




I didn't know that.

And I just have to ask, "Do you want me to sing instead of read then?"

He said NO with an exaggerated tone.


But now I know.. I should read to him as long as he wants me to.

Do you want to hear me sing? Don't let me TSK you!


tuti said...

i'd want you to sing.
i am sure you'll sound good.
because it's filled with love.

arggh, so laamm i am getting outta here.

Tang Lei Kuan said...

i bet your question "do you want me to sing instead of read" caught him by surprise too.

his thots: (geez.. that was close! *wipe sweat* better think of another better reason next time!)

Big Pumpkin said...

Are you on MSN? I can't email you back every time you leave a comment on my site - why is that? Cuz I usually reply my comments via email, privately....

tanglaikuan gooly said...

tuti.. hahah.. I really cannot sing one. Kenot dance, kenot sing, kenot cook. Kenot play piano. Kenot speak French.

Aiyohh! So many kenot one??

also fake TLK said...

Fake TLK,

ya.. i was very insulted with his bollywood NOOOOOOOOOOO! Went to karaoke once with him jek.. So sumhak yanjiong meh hoh?

Gooly investigates said...

Biggie Pumpkin, oei? So pelik? Lemme go check..

Winn said...

why u dint give him chance to complete the sentense? m sure he wanted to say : 'i like your voice reading,like donald duck, i like...'

Say YES to ducks! said...

winn, u discriminate ducks ah? Ur tone like sindir ducks wor..

Jingpan Sinkar said...

or 'i like your voice reading,like tsang tze wai, i like...'

goolypop said...

ori sinkar,

u discriminate short people ah? Luckily I am tall.


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