Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me and papaya

That night, I crouched over the WC and puked out papaya and crepe. 4 times. Confirmed case of acute food poisoning.

The next morning, I was sprawled on the bed, feeling sympathetic for myself. I was too weak to go to the hospital. When gooly woke, he was a bit shocked to see me in this condition. He came over to me and wrapped his arm around me, asking, "Are you ok, mahmee?" I buried my head on his shoulder, feeling very very pitiful indeed. (I am very vulnerable when sick.)

Papah took the chance to re-suggest, "Call mahmee to go hospital.."

Gooly held out his hand between me and papah, as thought protecting the damsel in distress, and said, "She said she didn't want to go.."

So there we were, lying on the bed, with his arms around me for quite a while. Co-incidentally there was no school on that day. I was worried as to how to take care of him for the day.

Papah did what he could, fed him breakfast and went over to the pharmacy to get me some meds. But soon he had to leave for an important meeting. So it was me, a very sick mahmee with her very active son for the next ten hours or so. Not a very good combo.

Much to my surprise, he was very self-reliant. Well, the tv was turned on the whole time, but he shuffled in and out of the room to grab his toys. In between, he fetched me water even without me asking.

"Mom, I poured some water into a very long cup, in case you want to drink some." It was very very sweet of him. He even insisted on feeding me the water.

And then he painted me a get well soon card.

There were some visitors by noon to bring food over. Gooly even managed to ask "Who is it?" before opening the door. He was doing a very good job at taking care of us.

By evening, he was a bit restless and wanted to go down to play. I could only say sorry for not being well enough to bring him. Being cooped up in the house for 10 hours with no one to talk to or play with for a 4 yr old is no joke. Sigh.. After a while, he cooled down and understood my predicament.

He came in and said, "I'm sad that you are sick, Mom." I could only offer a smile.

For a 4 yr old, he was being extremely matured. I am so lucky to have him around. I don't think anyone has taken such good care of me.

As for the title, me and papaya.. from now on, all ties have been severed. I no longer will eat that stupid fruit.


reanaclaire said...

Poor mahmee.. but pity gooly more huh? have to take care of mama, miss his Ada.. have to tai sui, hoi moon, make get well card and soothe mahmee with sweet wordings.. sigh... get sick also wont feel terrible if there is always a gooly around us, right?
You have a very goody cutey Gooly there, mama.. han sei yan..

Leonardo Da Sinkar said...

is that a shit lying horizontally under the word FOUR?

Gargles said...

that's considered a nice piece of work, in spite of his frustrations, can read how much he releases it into that get well card. and the sai... 4 of them! he counted the times you awhuet and put that into the card as well! amazing!

tuti said...

you feeling a wee bit better now?
go easy on the food. plain porridge ya. with whatever safe.

gooly is a good boy.
mahmee is a good mom.
i'm out of here. so boring comment.

CY said...

So, Goolymama not feeling well, stay in bed but with a laptop on top of her lap, typing furiously. Get well soon GM.

Winn said...

papaya is good for constipation, coming out from the mouth also a kind of relief...

goolypop said...

claire, ya loh.. next yr i expect, pou thong and chicken porridge. Kwahkwahkwah..

goolypop said...


its a cloud impersonating a shit pretending to be a caterpillar.

goolypop said...

gargles, the way u interpret the piece of artwork is full of agony in an exciting way. U can be an art critique really...

(try comic first)

goolypop said...

Cy, aiyoh.. housework all undone. Laundry unwashed, floor unmopped, hair unshaved.. sien!

goolypop said...

tuti, dun say boring.. Peter and Jane series also like that.

This is Peter.
This is Jane.
This is a dog.


goolypop said...

winn, if like dat, i brush teeth, my fart will not be so smelly not?


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