Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is this girl whom I see almost everyday downstairs. She has the cutest curls and the pudgiest thighs you would wanna chomp on.

The first time I met her was at the pool. The adult pool. She was swimming confidently that I thought she has taken lessons before. But no, that was her first time. According to her mom, she declared that she wanted to swim and swim, she did.

Today, she asked permission to ride on Gooly's bicycle. Seeing that she is half the size of the bicycle and possesses no bicycle license before, I asked, "Can you do it?" She confidently said in a booming voice, "I CAN DO IT!" and she clambered on and rode away.

She has never ridden a bike nor a trike before. The confidence she exudes is amazing. There is no fear in her eyes, I tell you.

For that, I salute her. I do admire her gutsy attitude.

Oh, I forgot to mention that she is only 3. Teehee. Really cute.


Winn said...

ya u can do it

faster DO to get more goolies la! 1 like not enuf..


Gargles said...

gum keng chau? faster give her the car keys.

reanaclaire said...

hey..ADA's rival?

goolypop said...

Winn, gooly is dukyatmoeyi.If got, they will be foolygog, karripop and maybe idonwantomop.

goolypop said...

gargles, u think when she is tall enough to step on the accelerator, she wont ask ah?

goolypop said...

Claire, no rival lah. Dynasty Tang meh? Hai mai watch too much KamLing and Samhou? Me too me too!

Yuenwong Sinkar said...

the last time i say I CAN DO IT, i got arrested for shoplifting...

goolypop said...

Yuenwong sinkar,

the last time i said I CAN DO IT, nike stole the idea and changed it to Just do it. Meaaahh..


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