Saturday, December 12, 2009


Can you believe it? I have been wanting to visit the sunflower farm since last year?

And can you actually believe that 2 hours away from Bangkok, there are such beautiful sunflower farms? Well, neither did I. The sunflowers only bloom from Nov-Jan. So it's quite hard for tourists to catch the season. And that is why these fields are like hidden troves, unspoiled by too many visitors.

Gosh! They were so lovely. Van Gogh must have felt the same way as he painted them.

Albeit being brightly coloured, I think sunflowers are such lonesome plants. Such a solitary journey, from seeds to buds to blooms. I wonder if they feel violated when bees and butterflies visit uninvited.

And when the wind blows against them, you can almost see their struggle to stand tall and dignified. They look a little proud even. And when they wither, they have such sad expressions. Oh well, all flowers do. Kinda like tau tap tap.

I absolutely love the pic of Gooly with his papah. Such happy smiles from both of them.

Love his sunnies too. Silly. And totally match the backdrop.

I present these flowers to each and every one of you, ok? Don't let the bee sting your nose this time! Tee hee.. Hmm, I wonder if Lonely Planet knows about the existence of these fields.

UNTUKMU~ (No bees lah, this time never bluff you..)

P/s: I think plants talk to me. I try to ignore them most of the time. What did you think? That I will talk back to them? You think I am crazy??! (No need to answer...)


smallkucing said...

Ilove the 2nd photo of you and your boy. Really a Kodak moment.:)

rainbow angeles said...

W O W W O W I E ! ! !

*sings Take My Breathe Away*


gua ingat lu pigi itu Tuscany lah wei... so tak sangka bangcock pun tuscany, kan kan??

L o v e l y !

Winn said...

nice!!!!! i wanna go there nx time !

btw all the shades worn by the gooly family dari chatuchak?

Gooly cheese!! said...

Smallcat, nice hoh? Last time tv ad very hing kodak moment. And got one Konika too, remember?

Magic carpet gooly said...

Pelangi, Tuscany not sell carpets one ar? Keke

Goolys shades said...

Winn, u kenot go!
Ours from jatujak la. Goolys very expensive ooohh. From airport free tax shop King Power leh. Custom make one. Can open one.

edamame said...

The pic of you and the camera - so nice wei.
Your hair like that very nice. No need to cut. Just maintain and trim can already. No need to waste money. Use the money to buy baju :)

goolypop said...

edamame, ok, i go cut and perm and colour (I parti pembakang one lerr...:PPPP)

BoeyJoey said...

Wow... the colours are so vibrant! Lovely shots :-).
I think Van Gogh's sunflowers look kind of sad... half withered oredi...
Hmm... I wonder if Malaysia has any sunflower farms...

goolypop said...

BJoey, tarak..YOUR country tarak sunflowers..Setorbeli jiau got..


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