Friday, December 4, 2009

Today I was mad angry at him

But then we kawan balik..


tuti said...

love is getting angry and kawan back kaw kaw. this way stronger mah the relationship.
*now waits for sinkar and gargles' comments, kakakaka* :P

Sinkar Kong Doelei said...

moe dit singkak! chiu!!

*now waits for gargles' comment, kikiki :D*

goolypop said...

tuti, kaw kaw not for kopi o meh?

*now headache the sinkar and gargles' comments. huhuhuhu" :*V

goolypop said...

Sinkar Kong Doelei (got relation with sindoenai mou?)

Singkak hor yi tong fahn sik mou?

tuti said...

where is the gargles huh?
rofl again. sinkar kong doelei!!! pengsan.

Gargles said...

*whisper* i dun komen on fickle minded ppl's blog one..

say me fickle summo.. said...

*peeling petals of kerisantimum* i hate yew.. i love u.. i kill u.. i sayang u..

finally.. *last petal* i wan to marry you....HAH? mm hai kwaaaa?


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