Monday, December 14, 2009

I forgot

These three in another camera. I like.


tuti said...

i love these pics too.
you look really pretty in them. very girly. very sweet. pretty dress.

*goes backdoor waits for sweets*

smallkucing said...

*Thumbs Up*

keat said...

wow, u actually went there huh???!!!! deee, deee!!!
sanook mai?

goolypop said...

tuti, not you gib me the sweets meh? Sweet girls get sweets ma.

At nite i can be very shexy y'know.. Grrrrowlll! Wear see-thru armour one..;-)

goolypop said...

small cat, *put saliva on thumb and kamching wif u*

goolypop said...


sanook maaak.. Nantawan suey mak mak jing jing..


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