Friday, November 27, 2009

Totally non of your biz

Last Friday was Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday in my homeland, Alaska. Thus, many monkeys were not online. One went to Spore, and another downloading lame movies, I presume.

Oh well, I was forced to go out then.

Put on a new jumper, my minnie-mouse lookalike polka doted hairband and a pair of 99 baht plastic shoes. The most comfortable, I tell you. The original Crocs must be like that.

Looked for a matching bag. Tadaa...

And bought a coupon for the shuttle van. Did I tell you our apartment has shuttle service? How cool is that? I swear, the van is cleaner than ours. And the driver.. *giggle nudge nudge* is handsome. I always wonder who the heck takes the 12 seater van cos it's always just me in it. The ride to the mall is 25 bahts. The taxi usually cost me around 60bahts.

Throughout the whole journey in the van, I wondered what I should do with the 35 bahts I saved. 3 Mc D i-screams, perhaps? And then I realized I have forgotten to apply underarm deodorant. Urrgh! If you didn't notice, I didn't want to say armpits as I was being polite.

With sweaty erm, underarms, I went looking for food and decided on a salad buffet, considering that I haven't defecated that day. After munching like a cow, I got sick of the colour green, and got bored of myself. Dang.. 145bahts for two plates of peas. I suck big time at buffets.

Oh, and I used the same plate twice cos I'm being environMENTAL. Didn't want to waste water and soap washing extra plates. Yeah.. bring me to buffets, and I will embarrass you with stunts like that.

And then I roamed around aimlessly.

So that was Friday for me. I was completely alone. Not that I am complaining.

The end.


Winn said...

wow......isnt that the infamous indonesian maid shoes???

Winn said...

wow......isnt that the infamous indonesian maid shoes???

goolypop said...

winn, hoe war lak.. thats the one. Pakai go tepi sungai wash clothes one.

Msia pasar malam sell how much?

tuti said...

how come you is alone?
opps, the title says. "totally none of your biz". :P

goolypop said...

I tell you even if you don wan to know :P. i alone becos gooly went to school ma. :D

Raynebow said...

I want those Crocs!! Where to get them ah?

Jimichu Sinkar said...

the shoes and the bag jorng doe pang pang seang and u still can say matching?

wo de tian ah....!

goolypop said...

Raynebow, kasut itu boleh dimiliki dengan hanya rm9.90 di pasar malam berhampiran..

goolypop said...

Jimi jai,

do u see the thread at the side of the bag? That is the matching part la dong..

Gargles said...

not complaining? you WERE complaining from beginning till THE END. say it! say you missed me.

Diedie won't admit gooly said...

Meow... Gargles. Hoe tai jek sei mao werr..


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