Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Concert

1. I wasn't so thick skinned after all. I paid for the ticket. Sigh..

2. Gooly did so well as Papa Mouse but I don't think there was much chemistry between him and the Mama Mouse. Hmm..

3. Right before the Chinese rhyme starts, some drama began .. the boy next to Gooly started crying and Gooly put an arm around him to console him. That was sweet. But it was partially his fault cos the boy touched the batons which he wasn't allowed to and Gooly wanted to tell the teacher (whisper: tattertale!). The boy shouted NO! And Gooly quickly apologized and consoled him when he started crying. As you can see, the camera shook like hell cos I was getting panicky too seeing Gooly's reaction. I thought he was gonna cry too. But then he blinked back his tears. The show must go on, he reckoned. Phew~

4. See the girl in front of him with the Christmas cone on the side of her head? Darn cute. Do you think it will still look nice on my head? Like exactly 45degrees tilting on my head? Kakakkakaak. Kids - they get away with the most ridiculous fashion and still look adorably cute.

5. Wu jia men chian you diau her.. Mana ada? My house no river.. behind no hills also. But the tune is stuck in my mind, man... Overall, I thought the Chinese performance was not as chaotic as the others. The teacher controlled the students well. (Like you, dictator)

6. Good job, Gooly on dancing solo. I see a tinge of MJ style in you........


tuti said...

i like how he bounced right back into action after that drama.
looked quite the gentleman too hugging that boy. at first i thought gal. tattertale or not, he was acting responsible, lol.
actually your boy looks really grown-up handsome there. gonna be a heartbreaker one day.

Winn said...

gooly nampak-ed guilty sikit kan...jikalau bukan LIVE in concert, dia akan cover that hampao's mouth dengan tangannya and bagi amaran jangan hampao. hor?:P

BoeyJoey said...

Good job, Gooly, good job!!! *clap clap clap*
He's like a big brother, consoling the other boy; bravo! :-D
The tilted christmas cone hat? You can do away with it la, mahmee, like you said in your previous post, after all almost nobody recognizes you on the street! hahaha

Winn said...

eh i remembered the 3rd song..we sang that in primary school...i bet gooly dunno what he was singing!

goolypop said...

tuti.. sanyausi kot...thats why go hug hug the fren. Kekekek. He handsome like me hoh? :D

goolypop said...

winn,, HOI, after the show, he masuk that hampao inside guni sack and jung hui gey sap chui... take his wallet and baju and cabut. With the amaran, "next time see u cry not!"

goolypop said...

Bjoey, tenkiu tenkiu.. The christmas cone hat.. u like loetim me wor... Maybe put one blinking light at the tip. Teramat cantik sekali..

goolypop said...

Winn, last time ur version is fengtau techno one ah?

Sah he dunno what he singing.. Sometimes he do marching action then say, JOE LU.. then say its marching. Luckily I once performed in the The Shaolin Association and can understand mandarin, told him JOE LU is walk..gostan, not marching.

Gargles said...

1. you pay or don't pay, you are still the well-known kai-si-kwan+kiamsiap mom in the school.

2. of coz no chemistry, the mousey mask so cheap!!! at least must be wearing bikini in a minnee mousey costume baru din-sei-yan mah..

3. ya, i saw the camera shook like hell only...ish! bad videographer! next time must tell gooly to hire a more pro one.

4. the xmas cone would look good on you, i bet, only if it's on your nose. kakaka..

5. p/s: sinkar, someone saying you a dictator again...

6. yeah, MJ used to dance like this when he was 4 too, but with lesser body shake. ah mah say body tahn-tahn-jan, hoe moe yan.


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