Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Transformers...for the meet the eyes....

Of course, the lyrics don't make sense. But that's what I heard when I was little when the animated series were aired over TV3.

And so that's what I taught Gooly too.

He has been going around singing, Transformers..for the meet the eyes... and the septic-cons while holding his newly acquired Optimus Prime.

This is his second O.P. That lucky boy.

These Transformers are good toys, I must say. Very sophiscated. You need every parts of the brain to transform these shits. Sometimes you need to snap shut a door, other times you need to pry open the limbs. Very often, some tiny parts just fall apart unto your palm. And with your mouth slighlty agape, you muster a discreet, "SHIT!" Not wanting to make a 5 year old cry, you quickly jam the parts in forcefully and hey presto, they fit perfectly. You begin to marvel at how everything looks fragile but is sturdy, in actual fact.

Here is the thing: I dont think I could have transformed Mr. O.P without help from Gooly. He knows the parts even without looking at the instructions. But his fingers are not nimble enough to fix them.

"Where does this go?" - I'd shove the exhaust pipe to him. And he'd point out that little hole that fits the damn pipe. Mind you, that hole is discreetly hidden behind that circular thing under the tyre rim next to the door.

'How did you know that?' I'd ask. He just shrugged in a how come you didn't know manner.

"What do I do with this?" - I'd point at I-seriously-dunno-what-to -call-it part.

"You push it down..harder....yes...that's right." he'd instruct.

Meh...seriously. The roles are kinda reversed, don't you think?

And who is playing actually?

Like it matters. Tee-hee.

Happy new year to y'alls! Oh.. and Happy Birthday to the boy who will turn 5 on the 1st!



tuti said...

ah, gooly birthday on the 1st?
wah good date!
happy birthday goolypop!
may you grow up to be cleverer and cleverer, maybe engineer? or scientist? what you wanna be huh?
may your wish come true then!

goolypop said...

Auntie Tuti, I wan to be a jajabomist.

(As of now the position is not available. When I grow, I will make a whole new career out of it. It will involve some.... heck, i discuss with mahmee first)

Gargles said...

ok, tai gor jai jor. jom, let's go genting with your savings already.

goolypop said...

auntie gargles, phew.. i tot u will ask for my money to play those rides and win tokens tim............... (the dots are very long to imply something, my mom say)


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