Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheating stories - FAIL

We almost never go to bed without reading stories. If he could, he would want 3 books, all the thickness of the bible. But because I am the one reading, I have the liberty to object and reject. I can handle the most - 2 books in which each starts with Once upon a time ..and ends with THE END 3 minutes later.

3 mins x 2 books = one long nite.

Sometimes when I think he is too tired, I'd skip a page. When I feel bold, I'd even go straight to page 14 after Once upon a time. Very suavely..very surreptitiously. Like Jack was climbing the beanstalk straight to Jack chopping down the tree. While turning the page, I wonder if I can get away with "I read that already.. you weren't listening, were you?"

Of course not. Gooly will flip back to page 1 and I have to start all over again. Daisei very good? Or si or mm chut?

Sensing that skipping pages is too ambitious, I resort to skipping words. Like this - Jack was climbing... he saw a castle....

And Gooly would go, "Jack was climbing A BEANSTALK.. he saw AN ENORMOUS castle..."

Gah! If he knew each and every word to the story, why are we still reading it? Blek.

Oh.. yeah.. He finds my voice sweet. That's why. Teehee.

P.s: Once Papah read, "That's ode.." And we heard a soft voice from under the blanket - "Odd, papah..not ODE. Read it again." He was so quiet before, we were quite sure he was asleep. But no....... he was listening and QC-ing every word. Ji sei mei?


tuti said...

so now we know where gooly picks up all his slang from.
good slang. not bad. :D

Winn said...

his crying slang hor? yah he picks it up from his MOM!!!! :D

goolypop said...

tuti, yep..from TV. :P

angmo slang. chinese face. asian tongue. bad.

goolypop said...

winn, crying also got slang? Then i declare I am hokkien association slang.

Gargles said...

what? 2 books each nite ONI?

we read books, solve mathematical equations, discuss current issues, sing karaoke, and debates politics in malay every night. can u imagine what i have to go thru each and every single nite?

goolypop said...

gargles, china also not so komunis jor.... You kimdou har lah...


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