Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet stuff

Yesterday was the last day of school for Gooly. And he came back with this shell figurine given by his classmate. Apparently everyone got one each.

Nak letak mana
nie? Yuk shuen mou? Koi wui.... yuen wong..!!

The funny thing was, when we removed it from the transparent sheet, Gooly went, "WOOOOWW!!" like it was the nicest thing he ever gotten. Aparah!!


Ada didn't bring her bicycle down yesterday. So Gooly volunteered to give her ride. She clambered on the back seat, not sure where to put her hands. Her mom suggested around Gooly's waist. She put them lightly at the side of his waist.. very shyly.

And then..and then.. Gooly took her hands and wrapped them tightly around his waist!! *gasp* My son!! Kaolui jor!! Just before he pedalled away, he said, "Hold on tight, Ada.."

Kekekkekeke! Gosh! It was just so funny to watch.

We, moms were not able to conceal our mirth. Ada's mom pretended to spread flower petals on the pathway, ala dayang dayang. Meanwhile, I suggested that I keep a look-out on Ada's dad. Knowing that he is protective over his daughter, we wouldn't want him to witness his precious' first date at 5 - an age he will definitely find too young!!

Having a relationship at 5 is so simple and innocent - bicycle rides and ice cream treats. It must be nice. :)


smallkucing said...

LOL it just show that it's never too young to start kao lui ..

Gargles said...

tu shell figurine, i one year throw not few.

and ada's papa need not worry too much, when ada is old enuff to watch "yeh marn nai nai", and see the similarities between kakkak and you, she sure run as far away as possible.

tuti said...

so cute hor? so shy, ada. and your boy so gallant. so young and all the traits are already there. i mean behavior of a gal and a guy. really cute.

goolypop said...

small kucing, I know!! Joshua younger still ar... neh, at the melaka satay celup restaurant?? Wanted to kao the cheche next table wan?


goolypop said...

gargles, oh u shell corrector.. ok ok, i pass to you.

What yehmannainai lah? More upday can or not? Now is Chin Wong Ji Wong harjap jor..

goolypop said...

tuti, wonder I was 38 when i was 4 or not hoh? You leh.. at 4 play mujik oredi ah?

*ding ding ding ding (piano sound of tinkle tinkle little star)*

Sinkar The Merchant said...

everytime i walk into those soveniers shop, i wonder if there is anyone really buy those shells rubbish..

goolypop said...

sinkar merchant of the venice,

I think ppl fr Sahara Desert or orang Eskimo will buy lorrrr... Dem treasures ok?


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