Friday, November 27, 2009

From a distance

There is something about watching your kid from a distance.. he walks

.. how he laughs he talks he knocks his friend's head.

From a distance, even thought it's panoramic, your eyes and ears tend to auto-focus on only one object - him (hey, i made a phrase with many O-words). There are other sounds but they are kinda like in bubbles - muffled. There are other objects but they are kinda like images in a crystal ball - blurry. Meanwhile, his voice is crisp and clear, his face - sharp and focused. But only to you.

And you begin to notice little things ..little things that you can't see upclose.


...oh, he still looks like a lil boy, standing next to bigger kids.

... oh, he does have a nice complexion.

..oh, he needs another haircut.

..oh, he does have a snappy attitude.

..oh, he does hum a lot.


..oh my, he is bossy.

I do like watching him. From a distance. Not interfering, just watching. And go, "Oh my, is that my son?" and "Did we really come from there to here? From baby to now?" Almost unbelievable.

Sometimes he watches me watching him. He smiles and waves. And when he thinks no one could hear, he even says, "I love you, mama."

I like that a lot. When a distance is not really a distance..


tuti said...

the 'i love you mahmee' is the sweetest gift ya? ok, not the sweetest, but amongst the sweetest.

quite a miracle eh?
from a baby to this walking talking boy who is going to be a teen in the blink of an eye. *chuckle*

goolypop said...


Aiyoh, have to bring out my hanky to stand by again.. so fast cry cry cos he kawin jor..

Gargles said...

'from a distance' is a nice song by bet midler. i also like.

Generasi baru gooly said...

Wat song is dat la? Which era one? :-P


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