Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There is this gargantuan billboard near my house.

No no..not that stupid marriage proposal on LDP.

This one is stupid, but not that much.

It's MAILOK's advertisement. The one which has a dummy atop a long flight of steps, preparing to commit suicide jump into a pool. And the caption clearly brings the message that you will be bold enough to jump once you consume the 'drain-coloured' drink. Either that, or 'stupid enough' - your pick.

Anyways, Gooly is at a gullible age. He told me, "You drink MAILOK, you become brave." "You drink HORNIKS, you can dance in the rain and not get sick."

Before long, he will be thinking that Marlboro can make him look like Clint Eastwood.

So, you advertisers.. do you go to bed peacefully every night, knowing that you have tried conning every human in the face of the earth?

*chuckle* I am so dramatic today.'s NEW YEAR!!! Whatdya expect jek?

Ok, so when do you teach a kiddo about THE FAKE WORLD OF COMMERCIALISM? (Commercialism - is there even such a word?) Don't care! It's NEW YEAR!!!

*runs naked* Wooohooo! It's NEW YEAR!!

(I think I digressed like totally. What I meant to ask is... Is the concept of "DON"T TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS-LAH!" too hard to be comprehended by a 5 year old?


tuti said...

welcum back to blogland, mahmee. wait so long. neck long long. maybelline says can remove neck creases. i love my maybelline.

goolypop said...

elloh tuti, your neck creases can play accordian not? hehhehe.

But maybeline not for mascara..for eyeliner one meh? Halle Berry say one...

Gargles said...

eh, yuen loi this post is about maybelline advertisement nia..

goolypop said...

gargles, iklan mengiklan u dunno one lah. Not buying ikan, okeh?

BTW, today sawi how much?


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