Thursday, December 3, 2009

School Christmas Concert - The Drama

Christmas? So soon? Yep!

Some of you may have heard the partial drama pertaining to this event. Let me put it down in chronological order -

1. Circa November, the school announced the event to be held on 4th Dec (tomorrow) and the ticket will be charged 900bahts (dinner included). 900 freaking barking bahts for a bloody amateurish kindie show held at the school compound?!!! That is 90 Mc-D i-screams, 150 packets of Nasi Lemak, or one pax of sakura-nagoya-arigato Japanese buffet dinner. Thus, I was already thinking of boycotting it.

2. The school started rehearsal two weeks back. And Gooly came home dancing and singing, CHRISTMAS, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS enthusiastically. And paling cute is the Mandarin rap which ended with, "Du ni sing tahn kwai ler" (I think its supposed to be JU ni..) I started to have doubts about the whole boycott plan.

3. I heard rumours that the show will be a flop. Judging from the chaos from past events, I am not surprised. Again, I kept my 900 bahts back into my wallet.

4. On last Monday, I was told that Gooly is the main character of the dance. The first mouse to appear on stage to dance solo. Dang! I have not paid for the ticket, and it's four days before the concert. *bite nails* Should I succumb to generic behavior of kindie parents (just pay, don't think or say or ask so much) or stick to my principal of not paying to watch my own son's performance?

5. The next few days was all about puking and to go or not to go. How about if we just go for the show and not the dinner? How about if he just go for the show? How about if we just go eat 90 McD i-screams? How about - a million times and a million scenarios.

6. C'mon. It's just a bloody Kindie Christmas Show! Forget it! Don't go! Save the money..go buy him a toy. Go celebrate his birthday in style!

7. Fine. We wont go. Today was the last rehearsal. I decided to cheat by videotaping the rehearsal, and then telling the teacher to get a replacement for the main star.

8. At 9.00am today, he came on stage. With a mouse mask. Dancing, prancing. My heart totally beamed. My smile was frozen. He was the papa mouse. He married a mama mouse. And they have many many children mice. *grin* Too cute, I tell ya!

9. So, WE ARE GOING TO THE SHOW AFTER ALL! Damn it! What a relief to be able to decide finally!

Ps: We are not paying for the dinner tho. He will perform, and I will bring my own stool to sit on. I will not let my 'kiamsiapness' deters me from watching my son's solo performance on centrestage! After that, we will go celebrate his stardom in the next soi. Perhaps over a bowl of beef noodles?

Ps 2: Why are women so fickle-minded? Bloody hell!

Ps 3: Seriously, the whole idea of attending a boring-can-die concert is to watch your own child perform. Who wants a 900 bahts 8-course dinner? Who cares about some stupid pig mascots? (Not even Santa Clause, can you freaking believe it?!) So I am not wrong in asking the teacher to let me watch it and then leave using the back gate.

Ps4: Sinkar and gargles, no need to comment.


Gargles said...

harlor... why la, forbid me to komen? i was just about to say, gooly must be SO DEM CUTE!!! and it's such a good thing you are going to attend his first solo performance.. he's going to be femes, you know, i know.

(and i'm gonna add some sarky remarks soon...)

goolypop said...

phew....But not totally relieved yet. That sinkar not yet sabo.

Then again, his solo performance is about 10 secs.. u tell me lak, worth the trouble mou?

(cover face, dun slap me ah!)

Reality Sinkar said...

900 bahts? that's freaking cheap ok!! Remember you paid 9000 bahts for a purse that can't even move, not to say any food is included in the box.

ps: what is this 'Sinkar and gargles, no need to comment' order, you dictator you!

Gargles said...

what? so long? you shud demand that they pay for his performance then! i thought only 1 sec.

900 bahts for 4 hours, that means 900/4times60times60 to be times with 10 (10 secs)... can give you 1/2 of McD aiskrim anot? faster write invoice to send to the school, or ask for 1 year free tuition fees.

Gargles said...

sinkar, she meant we MUST komen laa. fickle minded woman!

goolypop said...

hoi.. the purse at least can be handed down generasi to generasi, okeh? (not that I have THAT bag..since when lah? ooh.. u bought for me for kwishmash, izzit?)

Ps: what is this, no nid to comment but still comment, you parti pembangkang!

goolypop said...

gargles, what u ngam ngam cham cham lah?

4 hrs.. can die ok? Moon dou heh gum. U think gooly is Teresa Teng meh.. ask for invoice.

Wait.. I go buy invoice book first. Later continue.

goolypop said...

gargles, that time u thinking whether to buy Neverbull or Croach...that time, is it fickle minded not? Fickle not? Tell me!

(Dun care got such incident or not)

Gargles said...

you wrong jor. tht time i very kern-ding want neverbull.. but it's that MAN who was so fickle minded, dunno to buy that SG Wang's or KLCC's one only.

(dun care if it's fickle minded or stingy minded kononnya)

tuti said...

esp. about the sinkar and gargles no comment.

goolypop said...

tuti, watching komedi ah? :D


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