Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two hearts

Somebody told me, these two hearts are ours. When I am angry at him, I just need to look at the necklace and not be angry anymore.

That somebody is my son.

When he saw the necklace, he tugged my dress, and as I bent down, he whispered those words in my ears. What he meant to say basically was that we can't stay angry at each other for too long and the necklace will serve as a reminder. The man selling the accessories was curious what he whispered to me. When I repeated his words, he said, "It's too sweet." and offered some discounts for the necklace.

I bet he would use the same idea to con his gf/wife/bf later. The man, not Gooly.

I'm wearing the necklace now. It makes clanging sounds. I like. Sorta reminds me of him (gooly, not the man) all the time, especially when he is not around. It doesn't cost much, but it has a tale to tell.

*the picture is only for demonstration purpose. Actual object may vary in size, colour and design.


sengkor said...
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Sinkar Kong Sisat said...

dun mislead us with a oh-so-sweet necklace lah..

based on insider news, the necklace looks like this.

*model not included

goolypop said...

Omg..where to buy that! That is the look for 2012!!

Gargles said...

wahh... cantiknya.. got matching earrings, bracelets, glasses, ring and bag to go with it not? if not, must go out again and buy some more lor..

tuti said...

HAAHA. so hilarious. you've got a pair of in-house jokers at your blog.
you got pay them or not?
i think they're priceless.

*goes back door apply for position*
but i think cannot make it.
their funny bones cannot compare to mine. mine a bit cranky already. due to age or what-nots.

and oh.. the post. ya, so shweet.

goolypop said...

gargles, jung sai kong.. jik tau have to change whole wardrobe, change hairstyle..jing mai yung tim..

goolypop said...

tuti, back door is for other kind of applications kwei shu one. Go front door for clown no. 3 lah. :P


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