Friday, November 27, 2009

Treasured junks

What do you do when your child brings home from school.. erm.. little treasured junks such as

..a drawing of circles which looks like erm.. a tank with 17 wheels (my interpretation) saying, "It's from Sophia."

..longish balloons with no pumps included, which wouldn't inflate no mater how hard you blow (read: your face turns red, your lungs about to explode). They are from TJ.


..a hand-made mask which could be a cat, tiger and wolf or anything you want from Benny.

Sometimes there are letters with secret codes only the senders can understand. And then there are stickers which wouldnt stick anymore.


Seriously what do you do with junks stuff like these?

Well, I usually don't have the heart to throw them away. Not straight away, at least. I keep them on the table for a while (at least two days). I chuckle to myself looking at them. When I discard them, I think, "What a waste!"

Really. They are so cute to look at (for two days.) And more importantly, there are symbols of friendships.

Hmm, I wonder what junks treasures Gooly has produced and given his friends.


alternative-mom said...

My Angel has a lot of such treasures, too, and I let her keep them into a box so that she can have a look at them when she wants to and also to keep things off the table or floor!

It's true, I can't throw them out, too, and even if I can, my Angel can't!

tuti said...

your baby boy produced lots of love on scraps of paper probably. those are the best kinds btw!

goolypop said...

Hi Alternative mom,

Ah, can use that tin biscuit! :)

goolypop said...


ya.. maybe stories in paper napkins too... Harry Copperfield!!

Gargles said...

lucky no sai-on-a-toilet-paper home.

Cincai gooly said...

Lucky no paper toilet on sai also.


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