Monday, December 14, 2009

When playing is serious

Hearsay, a big concept of 'play room' is coming to Bangkok end of this year. Various 'sets' will be laid out in a large area i.e hospital, police station, fire station, catwalk stage, dental clinics, salons, etc. And your kid will have a 'gala' time playing pretend. He can be a singer, a dentist, a model...whatever get the drift. The gadgets and uniforms will be 'real' stuff. Not those cheapo pasar malam plastic stuff you find in my house. That's because it is supposed to be a real-life experience where the kids will be given monies to spend, and when the fund is dry, they can work to earn too.

Fun? Oooh... a lot of mummies think so.

My take :

1) I think it's dumb. Playing pretend is ok. Imagination is good. But when you make such efforts to inculcate play, it's not play anymore. It sounds to me, this indoor park is pretty s.e.r.i.o.u.s. about making money. I am sure the entrance fee will be hefty. When you make money out of kids about character/mind building, I know you are bullshiting. Don't crap me about you care about kids development by giving them an opportunity to learn some lifelong skill. (The same for all seminars or tuition centres) **

2. I think it's dumb. What real-life experience? You want real? Put in some brothels. And have robbers in the banks. And loan sharks. Of course they will say, "We want positive characters!" Sure , sure.. there is nothing wrong with that..BUT PLEASE! Don't say its real life experience! What a whole lot of crap!

3. I think it's dumb. What's the big rush? They will grow up and work!

Ok, say you want your kid to learn about occupations -then, bring them to factories, or make an effort to explain about jobs wherever you are. And if you are really bold, you can even ask permission to use their tools. (Like, use the hair dryer at the saloon.)

Again, I am not saying that play pretend is dumb. It's dumb to PAY ( I was told it's about Rm200-300 per entrance) to play pretend when play pretend can be anything, anywhere. (Put a blanket over your head and voila , you are a ghost, you know what I mean?)

I just don't get it. You plonk a kid with good company in an empty field, a swimming pool, a sand pit, chances are..they will have a gala time.

I think what bugs me is commercialism. Yucks! Totally distasteful.

Yes, it will be fun, I reckon. But only if they charge, RM10-20 per entry?

Don't ask if my sentiments are the same for Disneyland? I dunno. Macam not the same. Oh...I know. That's because Disney is all about FANTASY........!

Ok. The end.

*Abrupt end because I need to pangsai.

** I am not saying everything should be free. Look, they gotta earn a living too. I totally understand that. But when you earn a FORTUNE from your philosophy of caring for kids''s just a whole lot of crap to me.


tuti said...

nowadays businessmen grab their chance to make money in any form and if under the guise of educational training for the kids, so much the better. parents go for these. like living among the joneses.

and.. i hear you. if there is no demand, this kind of supply will dry up by itself. but you and i know, lots of parents go for it. status quo.

Prof Sinkar said...

proven facts #128:

'(certain)woman can really nag nag nag until the cows come home just for a few hundred bucks.'

shoppingmum said...

I'm out dated, I din know got such place in BKK soon. :P

smallkucing said...

your "*Abrupt end because I need to pangsai." really had me laughing in stitches...kakaka

goolypop said...

tuti, yeah i *heart* the jonas brothers.. (kekekke, just to find a connection with the joneses)

Sometimes i feel like an alien mom. Sigh. Will Gooly turn out to be fine even I didn't bring him to this stupid place? :P

goolypop said...

Prof Sinkar, who you saying is a cow?

goolypop said...

Shoppingmum, yep.. it's gonna be at Siam Paragon. Mega huge project. You can actually find the franchise in Jakarta. After Bkk, will prob go to KL. Fatt tou ju tau man they all..

goolypop said...

smallcat, focus lah wei.. Topik today is Projek Million Ringgit to bluff ppl's money wei.. :D

Mamapumpkin said...

I totally agree and I like the pangsai part the best.

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, and sunflowers are my favourite flowers in the world. My wedding was sunflower themed and NO!!! I didn't know there were sunflower farms in BKK! Or I'd have flown them in fresh!

goolypop said...

M.Pumpkin, distracted by shiats..of all things. Teehee..

goolypop said...

M.Pumpkin, was your wedding in Nov, Dec? Cos the flawas only bloom in these mths wor..

tuti said...

gooly will be okay lah. just explain the value of the rm200-300 entrance fee. he can learn economics straight away, or is it finance?
then use a part of the 200 dollah to buy sweets for him. sure understand the logic of things. ;)
maybe he will even explain to his friends who attend. but woe betide when their moms get to hear of it. ;P

goolypop said...

Tuti, you say one ah... (But hoh the Rm200-300 is also rumour jek..I spread one. Kakakakkaka!)

Gargles said...

aiyah... i was just thinking whether or not to belanja gooly go indoor playground again anot... see see no need la.


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