Monday, November 23, 2009

We are all learning

Gooly does have a snappy attitude. He doesn't get adult jokes. No.. not the 18sx type. It's like if you say, "Go to jail." And he will cry or snap a big "NO!" at your face.

It's something that I am helping him to cope with. Chill, relax.. it's only a joke - that sort of prep talk is part of the planned routine.

I think, before today, I was rather snappy too. As in when he was snappy.. and I would get snappy too. Not a great example right?

It's just that having manners is so important to me that I forgot that he is still learning. I don't know what got into me, but I just decided that from now onwards, I am here to help him.. not to punish him. To guide him, not to force him.

So anyways, he did it again.. snapping at a friend at top volume at the 7-eleven for a joke. Before I launched my usual tirade, I took a deep breath. Hurriedly I paid for the items, without paying much attention to the two ice creams placed on the counter.

I just wanted him to apologize, which he did.

So again, I reiterate, he is a good kid... just needing some help in the realm of sensitivity.

Walking back, I remembered about the 2 packets of ice cream, which I asked how come there were two, instead of one.

"One for you, one for me.."

Oh! That would be his first purchase for me (even though using my papah's money). I remember walking past the ice cream fridge-box where he perched over, deciding what to buy. Thinking back, it was awfully sweet of him, to pick one for him and then one for myself.

Now I am thinking, if this had happened yesterday, I would have barked at him or got so worked up about his behavior that I would have missed the sweet moment.

Yes, my son is learning all the skills and the art of living and becoming a man.

And I am also learning to be a mom.

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tuti said...

.. learning the skills of becoming a man.
sorry i associated that with barking immediately. eeks.

and yes, that was a sweet moment; choosing an ice cream for you. *melts (again)*

Winn said...

nex time if i see this nickname 'seorang anak dari bkk' i'd know it must be gooly and i wld be able to guess who he learns this from.

Gargles said...

this is a nice story for the day.

(can i have that ice cream?)

goolypop said...

Tuti, men bark ah? which country (planet)u live in again? Hehehe.

goolypop said...

winn, shouldn't he signed off as anakanda?

goolypop said...



dun har har maoji our ice cream, can or not?

Expert Sinkar said...

experts says kids who buy ice creams most likely will become a aiskrim potong seller next time.

not i say one ok!! experts says one!!

goolypop said...

expert sinkar,

loeloesatsat... u expert in what field? everything also got opinion geh?

Oh.. sinkarlogy lah!


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