Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's do it.

Whether we like it or not, life has its many restrictions:

No, we cannot dance in the sprinkler water because it might contain chemicals and we might get a rash.

No, we cannot play in the rain because we might fall sick.

No, we cannot ride our bicycle at devil speed downhill into the pond because we might die.

No, we cannot watch tv the whole day because we might be stupid.

No, we cannot eat ice cream before dinner because we might get a tummy ache.

No, we cannot go near a toad because we may be blinded by its poison.

You know what? Chances are we may not.

So let's do the all of the above and not tell anyone, especially our MILs.


Gargles said...

dun be so rebellious.. let's do all the above and tell all to our MILs HAPPILY!!!

goolypop said...

isnt it better to keep everything a secret..and drive them up the walls by die-die dun admit we are bad?

tuti said...

that's how we end up so disciplined.
imagine otherwise.

coffeesncookies said...

no need to be so strict lor.. live and let live..

goolypop said...

Tuti..which porn u cycled into lah? hehehe..

goolypop said...

C&C, live and let live...macam lagu rock jerr...Hehe.

Sinkar Advanturer said...

u mean u wanna dance in the sprinkle while raining on the bike with built in TV eating ice cream cycling towards the toad infront of your MIL?


ps: what is MIL? MILF i know la..

goolypop said...


u gave a whole new definition of DEATH..

MIL = mee ikan lemak..


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