Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My nemesis

"Jom, let's party!!"

I swear that's what they'd say if they speak English.

Every night, just when you are about to fall asleep, they come. Not 1, not 2... but berpuluh-puluh.

These mighty flyers swoop and swerve. They jam their proboscis into your delicate skins leaving red marks all over.

Bloody suckers! Leave my son alone! I hatechew!

I seriously doubt their extinction can disturb the eco-system. Like seriously, I'd be sad if ants extinct cos they are such hardworking creatures. But mozzies? My no. 1 NEMESIS?!*Ziiiiitttttt* Spray! Spray! DIE! DIE, you stupid bloody 6 legged bullying kids with your proboscis weapon.

You know what? I sleep only at 3am (sometimes later) every bloody night whacking these suckers. If the judge ask for the most motherly thing I have done (mana tau I get nominated for another BEST MOM award) I'd say, "Staying up slapping my son's thighs and other body parts."

Seriously, isn't that sweet? Me forsaking my beauty sleep, making sure no mozzies bite Gooly? And applying and re-applying balm/ointment on him? crying looking at the 'less handsome' spotty face of her son.

Just say yes.


tuti said...

rub medicated oil over strategic spots. help deter them i think.
you said you apply and reapply oilment and balm. cannot work ah?
stubborn mozzies wor your place.

goolypop said...

cannot wor.. not only stubborn, they are smart also. Kinda like got combat strategy one.. like ambush at certain time.. sacrificing the pawns first, then the generals will only charge.Sometimes they feign deaths also.

I think S.O.B (School of Bugs) using The Art of War textbook by SunTzu.

Gargles said...

mozzies are very important in the ecosystem..

no mozzies -> no mozzies zaps -> no ointment -> no balm -> no business -> no mommies staying awake to do silly things -> no blogging -> no sabo -> no entertainment -> no meaning -> *ekkkk* (dying sound)

goolypop said...


say, arent we glad u r not in the education system?


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