Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The other day, somebody told me:

Ploy was kissed by a boy in school!!! Two times!!!

So my face was kinda stoned. I think it has a little expression of, "SO? What's the problem?" too. But sensing the response will be considered socially inept, I quickly re-arrange my face muscles and wrecked my brain for a better reply. You see the extra exclamation marks? They make her speech sounded really urgent and full of apprehension. Her face made obvious hints that read, "WHAT A CRIME!"

So with my Oscar winning acting skill, I said, "OMG!!!! Where? On the cheeks or on the mouth???"

Ok, that was so wrong too. Cos she looked at me with a DURH face. But she was still eager to share the remaining story.

"It was the face! The mom told the boy, if you do it again, the police man will come catch you!"

Waaaaaaahhhhhh. I started sweating profusely cos Gooly has the tendency to do that!! Imagine landing your arse in the prison at age 5 for kissing a girl on the cheek (not even the butt cheek wei!).

Ok, so I dunno. We have to take into consideration :
a. the Thai culture factor
b. the geographical factor
c. the socio-economy factor
d. the environmental factor
e. the menstruation factor
f. the X factor

...Any of the above could have triggered such a response from the victim's mom.

Urhm... what would you have done? If your girl is being kissed, or your boy is the kisser? Their age category is... let's just say..they don't qualify to ride on THE DOUBLE BIG WHOOPER ROLLER COASTER RIDE in The Lost World of Tambun. Oh, and also they are still paying half price for buffets.

I seriously think Gooly will kiss a girl next year. Because he sayang her and likes her. Is that wrong?

*beat chest* Son....... you don't go prison, son........Don't kiss a girl until you can buy alcohol, son.. Waaaaaahhhh...

Seriously, because I don't have a daughter.. and being less protective over my son naturally..Please tell me is kissing or any other sayang actions considered taboo?

If you have no kids, think about your dogs. Is it ok, if another bloke come and smell your bi*ch ass? Or even just humping for kicks with no sexual commitment?


Winn said...

are u talking abt liucas - dog of the 21st century?

Liucas budak anjing kesayangan semua. semua mama tak kisah bagi dia mia bitches fling ngan liucas simple becoz????? *all repeat after me *

Liucas is dog of the 21st century. (no egg)

smallkucing said...

I guess no harm on kissing on the cheek gua but a no-no if on the mouth.

Eh...not only applies to boy ler...gorl also ler. Girls sometimes can be very ganas too.

Just a few months ago a neighbour daughter roughly the same age rush and hugged my boy till both of them tergolek like in Hindustan movie leh.

tuti said...

i got no dog no cat no son no daughter, only fish.
i think i wouldn't mind if my gal fish kisses another boy fish baaaa.

smallkucing said...

Tuti..kelakar la...wakakaka

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gargles said...

uhm... there's a few considerations that need to be taken care of:

1. if the boy is lengjai or not
2. if the boy's parents are some VVIPs anot.
3. if I like the boy's mom anot
4. if I like the boy's dad anot
5. if the boy's family is rich anot.
6. this could go on... but

yeah! I'm mad as hell! i will get my girl's grandma (you know which one) to kiss back the boy several times over.

Sinkar Clever said...

additional 9 considerations to look into:

1. Any H1N1 outbreak
2. The sexual harassment index
3. Global warming
4. How much is sekilo sawi
5. Bangkok Zoo entrance fee
6. Thomas Cup result
7. Tomyam ingredients
8. Average income per capita
9. Britney Spear's album sales

Liucas is dog of the 21st century.

goolypop said...

winn, 21st century also make muvi.

"Liucas is dog of the 21st century" (very paksa voice)

goolypop said...

smallkucing, then you got say call bomba catch that girl mou? :D

goolypop said...

Tuti, if boy fish kiss sea horse leh!??

goolypop said...

gargles..wah! Good one! To stop gooly fr kissing, i will use the same trick! Change the name to Auntie GG!

goolypop said...

sinkar clever, tai parrr....also have to depend on SI SAN PAT JI....

Gargles said...

ahh... privatizing your blog ahhh.... i know what you did last summer.... tsk! tsk! tsk!!!


goolypop said...

yes, i stole your taifu last summer.

(see? isn't it more relaxing with less ppl?)

mistipurple said...

aiyah you never read your email ah?
i waiting all nite and day. :P

please re-invite me. i will become mistipurple again with this email addy. muahahaha.

rainbow angeles said...


hi misti! long time no see! feel like strangers tim... are u coming back to facebook? and why steven also follow yr footsteps and went 'poof' too?! anyway, it's the "weeeeeeee....." time of the year again! i miss christmas in singapore! anyway, merry christmas! x

oops, goolypop, i misuse your "secret key" tim... thx for the invite to come for your gooly party... anyway, c u soon? =)

goolypop said...

MissUngu, ooooh.. baru go baca. Same lah me. Goolypop, not Hkk. I also have to think a bit. I use goolypop hotmail to send u mail. but to log in is kikiquah..so ah...

Where were we again?

goolypop said...

angeles, guna lah... use all u want lah... my 'planet' to chit chat. :P (Avatar talking)

And also thee u thoon!

tuti said...

hehehe, the 3-8 partay is here again.
*waves to the angel one*

mahmeepop, why restricted party now?
a lot of sexcret admirers ah?
haisayyyy your longkang not so deep mah. oppsie.

Gargles said...

this is just not the 3-8 partay, it's a nudie party too. please take off your burqa now.

(tuti, not only secret admirers she got, but sottplak ones, and many of them too, all on the loose and coming after this femes blogger calld goolypop.

hoe gau mm gau...)

tuti said...

miss gargles, ya ka? don't know she needs personal security or not?
*stands in line apply*

goolypop said...

tuti, i privatized.. to achieve maximum capitalization with minimum risky ..(frisky..brisky..whisky)

See? Thats why i need to keep this blog in the cupboard. What nonsense!With you all, I not shy lah. Hehe..

goolypop said...

gargles, paling sottplug..until got forfarrrrr...must is you lorr..

tuti said...

oy, privatized already and neber update with more juicy news. cheh. tak shiok. :P

tuti said...

now moderated also ah? you seriously got stalker who so bad to you ah? :P

reanaclaire said...

I just scrolled down and speed read your older posts..
for a moment, hak toe ngor.. gooly has become a man...
wei.. now that i seen goolypapa, gooly is just a miniature of him la!! wa lauuu... he and the father should enter those lookalike contest... same muka one..

*ok ok, i know my comment here is out of topic*
coming back to this current post, i promise i wont report to the police if gooly kisses me! i sik tai tit also never mind..

goolypop said...

tuti, no lah.. my setting is.. err.. after few days then will need to moderate..so i know got new comments (even at old posts). I blur ma.

Got post lah.. kambing.. No ilham leh... Jiak par koon, koon par jiak nia these days.

U wait ah.. i do one kismis post.

Neo Sinkar said...

i know u wanna avoid me sabo ur blog. i know my comments are too challenging for u.. but too bad, i know how to hack into ur blog.

dem, i so clever one!!

*now try hacking into ur maybank account*

goolypop said...

claire, mmg peng yan leh.... Shave mai the hair..lagi sebijik!

goolypop said...

Leo sinkar..nanana..dun force me DELETE my blog ah!


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