Thursday, December 31, 2009



Ms. Tuti asked what Gooly would like to be when he grows up. He is like 45 now, so I pressumed Tuti really meant 'grow old' when she said 'grows up'.

So I said, "A jajabomist."

Do you sometimes think of a word and nod to yourself solemnly and wisely and wonder how the heckaroo (another good word only I know. Sigh!) can it be that it doesn't end up in the dictionary?

Words like...


Ok, jajabomist is absurd.

What I mean is, sometimes you type a certain word..and you are certain that it exists but you see a wriggly line under it, indicating a spelling error which could also mean, the word doesn't exist.

Words like..

Trikini. (I see the wriggly line)

And of course..

Goolypop. ( I see you, wriggler!)

These are good words. Completely useful. And sound just like English.

Oei? It's not New Year yet?

(Yeah, I am just talking crap for yet another New Year wish post. And everyone is too busy to play with me. Tee heee hee!)

So, HNY! Or H-Ni when you want to say out the acronym. Happy New Year is a tad too long to be repeated, no?

H-Ni! H-Ni! H-Ni!


tuti said...

high nee. means high breast. no?
i is not busy to play with you. cos i is no life. i is working like shiatz everyday. that word has a wriggly under too.

jajabomist sounds good.
i wanna be too.
sounds like jaga the bo ni.
look after the breastless.

happy ni ni to you, mahmee and pop and pahpee.

reanaclaire said...

haypi nien nien to the 3 goolies!!

Bon Sinkar said...

is jajabomist those ppl who jump into the stage during opening act and shake their palms towards the singer and say 'jajamboooor....'?

goolypop said...

tank q, tuti.. did u get drunk and scared the guard? ;-)

goolypop said...

claire, nien cny..

Nien nien lai loh...
Nien nien lai loh...

*drum bing bing bang bang*

goolypop said..., i tot they say JAJABOR SIN....JAJABOR SIN... (sing to the tune of sinien lai lo~)


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