Saturday, October 3, 2009

In a taxi

.. just my luck, I often get the paling ancient taxis with hot-aircond. This I can tahan. Or I get those with uncles who suffer from incontinence, who stop at the road side to have a pee, asking my permission first. Do I have the right to say no? Ok, because I believe in Karma, I usually say "Fine, make a quick one (and wash your hands! I don't care where you're gonna get water. Just wash!"). The words in parenthesis are not uttered of course because it will be futile, no? Karmically speaking, I don't want to have a lausai moment and the taximan says no to my request to the nearest pee stop. So, yes.. I usually say, Fine..make a quick one..#*$)@*$

(I usually repeat myself when I am stressed.)


...what I cannot comprehendo is those weird taxi drivers who ask the weirdest questions. Can I stop for a pee is one of them.

Another classic example is :

"How much is your husband's salary?"


This is the time I feign deafness or dumbness.

"Waaat? Huh? Mairooo! Mai kau jau!*"

I should really deserve an Oscar for my over acting. Yesterday, I had another episode.

"Are you married?"

I nodded with a "shut up already" look.

And he proceeded with another question. I wasn't really listening, but nodded still, assuming that he asked, "Do you have kids?"

It's a logical pattern of sequencing - "Are you married?" followed by, "Do you have kids?" No? Just like, "Have you eaten?" and then, "Pangsai already?"

Ok, fine. There are no rules when it comes to asking questions.

So it turns out, the lecherous uncle had asked, "Do you have gigs?" Gigs meaning boyfriends or mistresses, or in my case, toyboys?

Oei? Do I look like a sugarmama?

Nah... actually it's quite a norm for Thais to have extra-marital relationships. Platonic or not, I donchno.

And I haven't told you about those who said I am cute, pretty, beautiful.... those are not weird. Heheh. They are just creeeeeeepppppy!

Looking at the random weirdness of the taximen, I won't be surprised if I am asked, "Where did you get your plastic surgery done?" or "Is that your grandson?" (referring to Gooly) in future.

TAXI~ anyone?

*log on to for your own translation. :P

Disclaimer: There are good, kind, mind your own business who carry my grocery bags to the steps of my condo kind of taximen too.


reanaclaire said...

hey, dengar cerita macam ini, also scary.. ask yr husband how much earnings? oh i think they know u r expatriate's wife so must be earning a lot.. hey, better ask your personal driver to send u to places.. safer...

for once, I talk sensibly.. ahem!

tuti said...

you are cute.
i will say that if i meet you too.
and after i know you longer, i will ask if i can hold your hand.
i lup you mahhhh.

Q de yue liang said...

aisay blame it on The Mole..

The One that brings about lao bei huet.. wahahaahaha

goolypop said...

claire, its ok one lar.. dah biasa naik taxi. I am careful, k. dun worry :)

goolypop said...

tuti *act shy* hold hand only ah..*hiao hiao face*

goolypop said...

Cutie moon, *cover mole on left foot* My 7-sing-poe-hei also you know??

Sinkar Jar Tiksi said...

that day my cabbie lagi weirdo! he asked me where i want to go!

come on la! why he wants to know? isn't that abit personal where i want to go??


gooly also think TOO MUCH! said...

teksi lou,

tai gor fun ler! hei yau chi hui! In the end, did he tell you where he want to go or not?


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