Monday, October 19, 2009

3 in one

I'm very impressed..

..that gooly is playing checkers.

It's a strategy game ergo he predicts my next moves, and forecasts his. I love it! I love how his brain works.

It's not easy at all to beat him. Most of the time we end up with equal numbers of pieces going forward and backward (they have all been king-ed) until I lose concentration and he 'eats' me up. But otherwise, the game can go on forever, in which he is a good sport still, deliberately making a move right in front of me so I can eat him up (before we get too bored!)

And he always begins the game with, "You go first!"


I really hate it when he falls asleep in the car.

Cos he refuses to walk back to the apartment. And I'd have to inflate my breasts again upon reaching home as his weight crushes me all the time. *Pump it! Pump it!*

So yesterday when I sensed that his eyelids were getting heavier in the car, I forbade him to lie down because he would surely snooze once his head hit my lap.

I guess he was really tired cos he fell asleep sitting upright.

Being softhearted (ahem!), I reached over and carried him so his head rested on my shoulder.

Then I heard a soft murmur, "Thanks, Mom.. "

Isn't that sweet?

That doesn't mean that I carried him back to the apartment though. He is just tooooo heavy!


I discovered some cookie cutters which I bought for no reason since I baked only once.

And I decided to use them to cut shapes out of the unusually boring squarish peanut butter sandwiches I serve in the morning.

I excitedly announced to Gooly that a special breakfast set will be done. He stood next to me to watch me in action.

Pretending that it was hard work, I grunted a little when pressing the cutter into the bread. When the shape came out nicely, I was so proud of myself! (Cmon! I don't bake at all..and I have never done any Bento meals before, ok?)

Gooly smiled a little and as a gesture of appreciation, he managed a "Wow!" albeit with much less gusto then I expected.

And before I proceeded to press another shape, he yelled, "Stop!"

He passed me the 'beary' shape, and said, "You take this, I take that."

That 'holey' bread is more enticing! I dunno why? He thinks it's a waste of time? A lot of wastage?

Ah.. not that I am complaining cos that means less work for me. Tee hee!

Conclusion: Boys just dun give no shiats about cutesy stuff. What should I do with the cutters now? Cos I know if I were to bake, and the cookies come out to be a lump of you-know-what, he would still eat it. Kakakkaka!


reanaclaire said...

hey..that is cute.. i never tot of come when my kids were young, i didn't do for them... looks easy..

Waming Hai Sinkar Lok.. said...

so cute.. *awwwww*

tuti said...

practical, your kid.
good wor.
actually it's amazing how these genes in him grow. he has a mind of his own. totally charming too. melts..

goolypop said...

claire.. no nid to do lar. Dou hai sik lok toeh..Or choot lei dou hai si..

goolypop said...

global waming sinkar

ah..finally u say sumting human..

goolypop said...

tuti, practical like me. I dun like flowers and chocolates. Dun buy for me ok? :P

Gargles said...

the other day when he came here to play with meimei, i think he dressed transformer up with barbie doll evening gown and then have teatime fun with meimei and barbie doll.... dun hate cutesy stuff, you say?

gooly nanny that day said...

gargles,the other day mei mei also dress barbie in transformer costume and have fork fight with thambi-lina.

No wonder they so 'kaap' laa~


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