Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday morning, I received a message telling me that Ada didn't go to school because the main road was flooded.

I see. I see.

Flood. Cool. I remember there once was a flood at my aunt's place. Everyone got exited, especially the kids because swimming pools were not so accessible then. So the idea of wading in murky 'teh tarik' water was inviting.

I was still in a nostalgic mood when reality struck me.

Ada not being in school meant that Gooly has no transport home. And papah was away (again). And taxis were neither coming in nor going out of the school area.

Aiyaya.. that could only mean one thing.

I have to brave the storm to rescue my son from school (for drama and comedy effect).

I really didn't know what to expect. Some say the water level was knee high, some say it was waist high. I suppose it depends on height, which means the water was probably ONLY at my ankle. *ahem*

First sight of water. Not too bad. Clear water. I bet there were fishes. Note how dainty my feet are?

And then.. it got deeper. But I was walking on the pavement. So it was okay. I don't know why that dungu fella was desperate to get into the Shell Kiosk. Probably so that he could appear in my pictures. Dang! I fell into his trap!

Petrol, anyone?

Reached school in bikinis safely. Announced to Gooly that we were wading back. Had to leave his bag behind cos there was no way to lug it through the water.

Yipee! Water! Water!

The deepest was probably around his knee. I had to roll up his pants when crossing the river path.

There! I was right! Fishy~ albeit dead. Dinner was Fried Rice with Anchovy (note: no plural here)

We got home after ..uhm.. gee.. I forgot to check the time. I was busy rehearsing my delayed weather broadcast for you people, you see.

But! When we got home, I was so darn tired that I wished it wouldn't rain for the next 100 years. (If every of my wish comes true, I'd have been a millionyeir last Sunday - lottery day. So don't worry about drought in Bangkok, k?)

Sigh! It's so rainy these days that a water-proof poncho is a must. This style makes him look like Chickedee, minus the wattles. I like.

Rain rain, go away, won't ya? Ok.. come.. but not so much, ya?


tuti said...

quite an adventure living in france. no? kakaka. ok jokes aside, this will go inside gooly's happy memory bank too. actually, he is such a happy boy basically. you really must have/am doing something really really right. continue k? and you've got nice legs lah. should have shown nearer the shorts line.

CY said...

my frens at Parkland Bangna flood all the way into the security and inside the apartment also lah! Traffic at Srinakarin is a no-no for me now, some more constructing the underpass.

Sinkalingam said...

ahneh! roti banjir ren-der, teh tani u-ne! nandri!

reanaclaire said...

careful of the flood water.. virus.. bacteria.. banyak .. last time my old house was flooded too.. so yucky.. apa pun ada.. kuningnish one.. go back and scrub gooly well well.. ok...

btw, sudah post the post.. hope it delivers a message across..

fatty legs gooly said...

1. i'm in paris, is that france?
2. gooly was terrified of the teh tarik acherli but sempat to pretend happy..
3. i got nice feet with 10 nice toes. the legs are elephantine ergo needs to be censored.


Gooly in umbrella said...

Cy, u in town meahh? U rayong..far far ok? Give some weather forecast on your side lar.

goolymamak said...


Sori boss, ini hari tarak itu roti binjir.. teh tani all finish.. u mao cuba itu escargot ala chesse sama itu wine chardonnay 1976 ka?

Gooly airyesia delay said...

claire, aiyoh.. now only u say..after 24 hours only scrub, effective mou?

Ok, i also go and read ur post 24 hrs later lah! :D

Gargles said...

in chinese fengshui, this is a good sign. it means "choy" akan datang, coming soon.

"choy" as NOT in
1. the vegie that you eat
2. the word you said when someone curse you.

goolypop said...

gargles, i know i know.. its mm choy nei~ geh choy!

cth ayat: hoe sui geh nei.. mm choy nei ah.. *hit on ur chest lightly*


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