Friday, October 30, 2009


This is what he would love to have.

But the only Transformers costume we could come up with is this. So let's just forget it.

It was hard to decide what other costumes to wear as:

a. the person who sponsored his traditional costume refused to know about future events. She doesn't want to sponsor no more.

b. it has to be something not purchased off the rack. C'mon! Gotta be more original than that (read: cheapo al cheapskate)

c. the school says it has to be of a friendly character.. nothing bloody or scary. Meeaaahhnn..? What's Halloween without blood and gore? TSK!


I was toying with lots of ideas. *giggles* I was actually more excited than him.

A chef would be cute. Gotta be one with curly mustache. "Mamamia pizza... uno duex tres!" (I obviously don't speak Italian) But I am not resourceful. Couldn't find a tall chef hat, an apron, and his mustache doesn't seem to curl the right way a fake pizza.


How about a Manchester United No. 7 jersey since he shares the same name with this bloke.

Cool eh? Alas, I was too lazy to go hunt for something as frill-less as football jerseys.

What else? Ooh.. A bus driver! (Yeah.. I think I got a bit confused about the whole concept of Halloween. It began to seem like Occupational Day.) And so, I made a London Bus for him..with much help from Edamame. Tadaaaa!

This bus goes to Marble Arch, fyi. But the wheels came off within days. R.I.P, bus! While the wheels were thrown around on the floor (with the double-sided tape side facing up), a lizard actually got stuck on one of them. Gross! Oei, come to think of it, I think it's still stuck there. Lizards, geckos, salamanders - which is gross-er? We talk lizards at another post, k?

Back to Halloween Disguising as Occupational Day... so he is not bringing the bus to school. Don't think it can survive the one hour -16 kids ordeal with its current wheel-less stage.

Gosh.. such a long story. TSK! Didn't you know Long Winded is my middle name? So what did he dress up as in the end? Next year, just scroll down for answer. Hehe..

Hi Bob! Money spent - 79 baht for that even-x-ray-can't-penetrate goggles. Everything else was rummaged from the toy box. There were one Superman, one Spidey but many Batmen (Batmans?). I was worried that he regretted his choice of attire. But then I overheard him saying, "I like being Bob," when asked how come you are not one of the superheros. He is quite original in that sense.

I actually told him that he can go around drilling his friends' brains in case they needed lobotomies or.. he can saw off their hands or something.. (trying to sound nonchalant like I didn't give it much thought when in actual fact I have been trying to Halloween-fy the school's Halloween cum Occupational Day with much effort.)

He gave me a weird look. The look which says, " Mom, don't read lame scary movies reviews anymore.." For my previous Halloween parties eons ago, I was a cowgirl and a Dracula before. You? If I do get invited again, I'd like to dress up as him:

What... Cannot meh? So cute. (Not like I will be invited to any parties soon..)
Don't tell me..that pic didn't just make you smile. :-)

Happy weekend y'all and Yappy Horrorwinn!


Garments no stock said...

aiyah.. why you dun say earlier.. i sure sponsor one.

in fact, i have just the right costume for him i.e. hollow man's silk robe yang terbest material one can never get in other place.

tuti said...

happy halloween mahmee and dahdee and pop!
*leaves bowl of candee*


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