Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 parts love story

Part I

So I was a bit glum yesterday. Spelling and spitting words out instead of saying them properly. The brain was fizzled. So were the wires, plugs and hair. Never mind those.

Tuti was hoping that I get sunshiny soon. Soon was later in the afternoon when Gooly came back. Heh. Mind you, when I was in the lift, I was still in a foul mood, cursing it for nothing - "stupid lift!"

And then I saw him, holding a box of chocolate milk. Hair slightly parted to the side as it's rather longish now. And his mouth sucking the straw, in an awfully cute pouty way.

"Hey Mom. I got chocolate milk from 7 - eleven.." and he flashed me the widest chocolaty grin.


...was my instant ray of sunshine! I no longer hated the lift... the weather was fine... I was fine. I was suddenly having a tralalala~ what a wonderful world. heal the world. we are the world . power to the world ~ kinda feeling.

I am one giler babi, kan?


Part II

Whenever I squat down to do something for gooly i.e tie his shoelace, adjust his colourful socks, he would place his hands on my hair, and gently sweep them.

So it's like we are a family of baboons, where he is reciprocating an act of grooming. For me.

And I'd request that it be done nicely.

This morning, he said, "You look lovely." And he cupped my face. Looked me in the eye, serious shit expression.

LAHF-LEE. Tee hee. Whoever still uses this word?

He is one giler babi kan?


Part III

Just now we had our usual evening chats of everything.

"Mom, when I was in school, my love feeeeeieww to you." And he did a birdie flying action.

How did it feeeeieww to me?

"My love from school, all the way to you. Like this." He chup-ed his fingers. All five of them. And gave a peck on my cheek.

: )

I didn't know he thinks of me in school. Well, maybe he doesn't. But it was a darn sweet lie.



reanaclaire said...

3 words: i very lum-ed

if i were u, i too dont mind to be t-poo-ed but i am sure he is not t-poo-ing u...

keat said...

i also often thought of u when in KL...sighhhhhhhhh....hehe. i tak bagi tau coz, i takut u laft at

Kisses from KL said...

i also kasi satu flying kiss to you, no khai-wan-siao, that kiss ambik malaysia airlines flight one.

next week, you will see a manglajai in front of your doorsteps, don't reject hoh, must receive the kiss from me via him.

Miss Universe Gooly said...

claire, sai lor gor's words kenot be trusted one. He say I am paling tercantik sekali in the universe.. how to trust? :P

pemiutang gooly said...

keat, tau takpe.. *point at you and laff*

ps. I got owe u money meh? Always think of me...?

gooly predicts said...

Kisses yang berbau garlic, no mangla one!

(U not so good one..sure one houkwai lang kang punya aqua will show up one.)

tuti said...

wonders of love.
wonders where he picked up all these five fingers chooop on cheek with a kiss and a peck action.
you really win the oscar award for being a good mahmee. money cannot buy.

(now pay me $$ for saying all these nice things. back door. i wait.)

goolypop said...

tuti.. oscar???? I am not ACTING to be a good mahmee leh!

(now pay me all the $$ before I sit on you.. Front door. Now!)


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