Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do Yourself a Favour

Yesterday morning, as usual, I was staring at my computer screen. Staring back at me was my FB update page. I was probably hoping for some new pictures from whoever/whatever for me to snoop around. And then I saw it..

Pauline posted a brief note, and attached a link. There was a small squarish picture of a little boy with an impish smile. I clicked on the link and this is what I found out :

Gavin has Tay-Sachs disease. It literally broke my heart into pieces that a little boy, any child for that matter, needs to suffer in life. I shook my head in disbelief when I read words like damaging nervous and brain systems; was never able to speak; is not able to eat solid food; no cure; etc.

What would you do when you have a child described as above?

You fight for a chance. Yep, that's what you'd do. And that is what the parents are doing. And we need to help.

Here's how - Hope for Gavin (please click for more details).

Trust me, to help Gavin, you don't have to fork out lots of money. It's gonna be fun. It won't take a lot of your time.

I'm actually very exited about exploring my hidden artistic skills for this project. Tee hee.

C'mon, do yourself a flavour this Christmas. It's good for the soul when you give a gift of love.

I went to the school, and approached a couple of teachers about this project. They are all very keen to participate. And so are my few 'slightly' creative and artistic friends. (I just have to insert 'slightly' here cos I'm green with envy that they have those genes/cells which I don't.) I'm so happy..and it's not even Christmas yet!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


tuti said...

sounds like a project i can handle too. making the envelopes can be fun. .. ok ok i think i will go find a bigger envelope and just make the cards according to size. see? i talk to myself a lot.

Johwey Redington said...

This is soooo heartwarming. You are one awesome gal! Thanks soooo much. I'm going to have to ask Pauline where she finds such wonderful friends! :D

Itchy Feet said...

Thanks for posting Kiki! Let's keep on spreading the word around. Thanks, too for the donations. You are one blessed woman.

Gooly reflection said...

*looking at mirror* ya ya she's talking to herself again.. That silly tuti. Ya! She does that all the time! I know! ... Whhut? There is a booger on my nose? Hell, u r rite! Thanks!

Gooly says it's hot in here said...


and then..

*starts a tribal dance buttnaked* to celebrate the joy of a new found friend!

And then..*blush again*

Gooly foot fetish said...

Itchy feet,

r u a penguin? Oh.. That's happy feet. Kakaka! Itchy feet is good.. They bring u places. That's how we met eh? Can I kiss ur toes now?

Joyce said...

thank you so much for posting this. im gavin's aunt, joyce. gavin is my sister's first son. it's been such a heart wrenching time for my family and i, but when i read things like this, it really helps to brighten our day. so many people from all over the world, even people we don't know, have really gone out of their way to help or offer their prayers for gavin. this mean so much and i would just like to say thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!!

reanaclaire said...

words are better left unspoken.. i will speak when i have done what i should do.. meanwhile *mum*

funny as u r, u have a soft gentle heart.. God Bless U!

goolymama said...

hello joyce,

Thank you for your nice words. I feel appreciated :) and it makes me happy.. Thank you in return.

goolymom said...

claire, faitit lorr.. No time jor..tick tock tick tock.. CNY kambing!

CY said...

Good work Gooly mama. Maybe u also like to build tent like me? :)

goolyma said...

CY, your tent projek 'king tit'..when want to build one palace for me lah? hehehe.


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