Monday, October 12, 2009

Reaching 5..but not yet

Gooly is fond of using threats these days.

If you do this, I'll ...

...tickle your armpit.
... shine torch light inside your mouth.
... boing your head.

Pretty scary, huh? :D

Teehee..He is really such a gentle giant.

But oh he has grown. The hands I hold and guide seem to be slipping further away day by day. The hands can do loads now. Writing, colouring, cutting. Not that I'm not proud. From bottles to pens, how can I not be awed?

Below is yet another achievement for year 4. He is writing some chinese words now. That's 'da' on the board. Big.. Yep, soon he will be turning five. He wants a no. 5 cake. I like the simplicity of it all. Everything is simple and easy with him. Even loving him is a simple and easy thing to do.

What's age 5 gonna bring us? Do you know? Has he planned?

More daring mandom stunts?

More priceless laughter and smile? Endless chatters, tears or bawls?

this is a classic Gooly smile, where the cheeks puff up, and the eyes - reduced to curvy lines resembling the rainbow arch

I hope there will be loads to be happy about. His eyes sparkle when he laughs. Actually his eyes twinkle even when he doesn't (laugh).

There is so much curiosity and wonderment in them. Thus the glint, I think.

Year 5.. another journey, son. Can't wait. Not that I want to cut off the apron string. It's just that spending the coming days, months and years with you seem like a very blissful agenda.


Loving you is really easy to do, son.

Has it been easy for you to love me too?


tuti said...

all your letters to your son so full of love. even the ones where you want to pin him to a cactus. opps..

Winn said...

from bottle to pen to beer mug......

Gargles said...

to the boy!




die die dun admit said...

tuti, wat cactus? *blink blink*

u is one bad influence said...

winn, not char por first ah?

i am not AA said...

gargles, mou ngak jau yum..


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