Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gooly's first test

When we first started the term at school, we inquired about K2. But we were told there wasn't an assessment procedure available to gauge Gooly's standard.

Ok..fine. K1, K2 - doesn't matter that much to me (except that it will cost less to skip one year of education).

Then suddenly, some other parents and teachers started voicing their opinions about Gooly's ability to cope with K2 materials to the principal. And so we were informed that Gooly will be indeed upgraded to K2 soon.

Ok.. fine. K1, K2 - doesn't really matter to me (except that I can buy more bags if he skipped one year.)

Then suddenly (again), I received a notice saying that Gooly will be tested in Maths, Science, English and Chinese in a total of three days, two weeks from the date of notice.

Wuah... why so serious?

Then suddenly (for the third time), parents started asking me, "How are you going to prepare Gooly for the exam? Do you have K2 materials?"

Wuah... why so serious? It sounded like university entrance exam to me.

I uhmm-ed..err-ed a lot in my reply. I had no intention to prepare him whatsoever but at the same time seemed shy to portray the image of someone who doesn't prioritize education.

But seriously, why so serious? Someone eventually asked if Gooly is feeling the pressure.

Eh? What pressure? He didn't even know there was a test.

And when I said that, she kinda stared at me in disbelief. Like, "What kinda mother are you? Not preparing your son for the 'life and death' exam?"

In return, I gave her a puzzled look which said -

"So I am supposed to drill him with workbooks so he feels pressured about the upcoming test, so that when you asked me if he is feeling pressured, the right answer is, YAH! He can't sleep and eat these days! He is so nervous, he throws up his dinner all the time but a child gotta do what a child gotta do. Come what may, he shall take the exam."

But I don't think my eyes tell that much. And I think I managed a smile (and held my tongue.)

First day of exam came, and I told Gooly in the morning, "Oh you will be going to the principal's office to do some workbooks. Bye! Have fun!"

I had no idea how he was gonna be tested. Written or oral? Objective or essay? Teehee.

You see, I am not regarding it as a test. It's more like an assessment to gauge Gooly's reading and writing and understanding skills. I thought it would defeat the purpose of finding out how much he knows if we 'cheated' by working on K2 syllabus in advance.

If he failed, no biggie. And more importantly, if he liked being in K1 as he had made some good friends there, I will even let him stay on. It will be ultimately his decision though we explained to him the necessary information about learning more in K2.

As it turns out, he scored in all the papers except for Chinese. :)

When I asked what was tested, I was actually erm.. uhm.. quite surprised with the standard. The two that I can remember are:

1. When is Christmas celebrated?
2. How do sunflowers move?

Hard, eh? Are 4 year olds expected to know the answers?

Actually I think it's kinda silly to hold the tests because if he knew the answers, then shouldn't he be in higher grades than K2 (considering that the questions were based on K2 syllabus) ? On the other hand, if he flunk the tests, can I argue that that's an even more valid reason for him to go K2 - to learn things he doesn't know? Duh..?

Anyways, for no.1, Gooly had answered, "I dunno when is Christmas. But I do know my birthday is in January.." which drew laughter from the principal and the teacher.

So we have officially been told that Gooly can go to K2, anytime, starting next month.

It will be solely our decision whether to start him as early as next week, or wait for the new term or to even stay back in K1.

Oh well, Gooly will decide for himself.


Winn said...

at last, he still donno he was being tested (by the principle) and cheated ( by the now mom, then mahmee.)?

Gargles said...

aiya.. i already know all the story.. how about the story of the other student and her mama leh... but i also already know that too.. can tell something i dunno yet?

(gooly sure want to answer something like that too - can you ask me something I dunno?)

reanaclaire said...

I love gooly's answer to no. 1... hehee...

pssst..what is the answer to the no. 2 question?

Mamapumpkin said...

yay! i'd let him decide 4 himself 2.....shit! Even I dont know the answer 2 half those questions! better go google now, haha...

sinkar hole pannai said...

last time i also expereience the same thing! my parents din tell me it was an exam. they never prepare me whatsoever. maybe they dowan me to think so much until i cant eat and sleep and throw up.

so, the next day i went to school as usual and take the stpm exam.

goolima said...

winn, at the beginning he didnt know. At last he also didnt know. He tot he went principal office becos kena denda.

Bet you dont know! said...

gargles, do you know ..

why does Rudolph look like krusty the clown on the christmas card i made?

Do you know..

Why is it called a Raindeer when it should really be Snowdeer?

Do you know..

Santa doesn't go on a diet?

dun wan tell said...

claire, ya..should get 100% for originality hoh. As for no.2 leh.. of course you dunno the answer lah.. cos u r not 4 maa :P

google's fren said...

MPumpkin, ooh..what did you find out? Did Google say (in a robotic voice).. "u need not know that unless u wan to be a farmer..excuse me, not the farmer in farmville..?"

gooly the poet said...

last time sinkar hole panai,

there is a canto saying: wu wu tou tou, gum jiau yatt sai..

Isn't that apt?


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