Monday, October 26, 2009

Tadaaaa! Gavin's cards

Last week, I dropped a comment at Johwey's:

Hi hi! I made ten cards! :) It was soooo therapeutic making them. Have been exchanging tips and ideas with some (good) girl friends. There were endless chats on MSN about what materials to use, and how to ‘borrow’ some equipments from offices (the paper cutter thingy). Tee hee! That brought lots of giggles and excitement. We are like a bunch of school girls pouring our energy on this project!

Thank you for the opportunity to feel good. :)

I’m mailing my package this weekend. The cards may not be the best collection that you will have, but really, they were made with love. So so much love for the boy whom I have not even met.

I hope he feels it.

A while ago, after looking at the amazing cards she made, I wrote another comment:

one word..WOW! I want to burn my cards now!!!!!!!!!! (That’s more than one word..haha)

Maybe I could spray perfume on my cards to enhance the quality..hmm.. BUT TOO LATE! THEY ARE ON THE WAY……….huhuhuhuhu..

Ok.. you want to know how amateurish my cards were made?? (After you view them at the bottom, you better say NO! You don't see any amateurish-ism at all! Here, take this 5 cents and say it. :P)

I suck at craft (& maths!), I admit. But that doesn't stop me from participating in this meaningful drive. C'mon! You should do it too. (Ya.. I really just want your cards to be uglier than mine. Teehee!)

So here they are... Presenting my hard work of cutting and pasting and designing. A total of 10 cards in 2 weeks.

I feel good, man!

P/s: I made one of Rudolph but it looks kinda like Krusty the Clown.. do you want it? For Halloween? Hahahahhahahahahahaha!

To Gavin.. I cut the papers with sympathy, I pasted them with care, I sealed them with kisses and hugs. I really did make the cards with love. Can you feel it? I have lotsa love cells..but very little artistic ones. Sorwey..


Please go here for more details on the Christmas card drive (privately known as CCD (-; )

Special thanks to See Yoon, Winnie, Eunice, Joleyn, Mickey and Claire for making the cards and spreading the word. *group hug. warning - no groping!*


Cards manufacturer said...

the cookie jar behind the cards, please send those over too...

ready yet? pack your LV suitcase yet? let's go lor..

err... the cards ah? dun bug for me to comment la...

goolypop said...

where got cookie jar? That one is my LV briefcase lah!


tuti said...

very nice very artistic and ya ya can feel the love overflowing.
paiseh i haven't started. :(

Mamapumpkin said...

Gosh, I did this last year. I don't think I'll ever have time to do it again, hahaha!!! I'll tell you why though....nobody appreciated it. Bloody unsentimental fools.

Johwey Redington said...

I love them! From how the cards turned out, it seems like you had a lot of fun making them. I can't wait to see them for real - and to find loving homes for them. I'm sure Gavin is feeling the love.

And you are so funny! I'm glad we crossed paths :D

FM gooly said...

tuti, *brings our whip, candles and other paraphernalia..* IT's punishment time!!

(I have been waiting to use these..hehehehe)

goolyma said...

Mamapumpkin, r u referring to the handmade invites for tee's birthday? Hmm..that was this year, wasn't it?

And you, the woman who poops, and yells, and korek hidung and breastfeed at the same time (something like that :P)..that's why I didn't tell you about this drive personally lah....(so understanding hoh?)

About being appreciated, I have been getting love notes here and there from Johwey, the person who started the drive.. so I'M APPRECIATED!! (I'm waiting for a medal..hehe)

fact no2333 Gooly hates choco said...

johwey, QC passed? *phew*..

Psst.. did you hear about the medal? (read above comment). I dont mind chocolates medals..actually I do.. I hate chocolates.. But they only make medals out of chocolates..but i hate chocolates..



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