Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sort jor

Hearsay Sapturn or Saturn (either one) was messing with people's head.

Yesterday (or the few days prior).

She popped a vein in her numbskull. The one second to the right. And started talking in a third person narrative mode. That way she felt less personal about the remarks she made about herself. Of course she was lying to herself.


She was a meanie yesterday. Snapping and shouting.

Scolding the little boy about this and that and anything in between.

She even felt smug that she sent him off to bed with very little kisses and cuddles. He shall sleep with his papah. Harumph!

But as she began her lonely vigil with darkness as her sole companion, she was ridden with sadness.

She suddenly felt debreast. She refused to say 'depressed' cos being depressed is simply depressing.

And so she was debreast.

Her heart was heavy.. but empty. How is that even possible? Where did that lump come from?

She snuggled up to him, stroking his soft cheeks again and again.

Oh gawd, she sooooo loved him, she felt. She seriously needed some slaps.

And she kidnapped the little boy to her another bed. She needed to be alone with him. Minutes later, poor papah stumbled out of the other bed, thinking that someone had kidnapped his son, which is true.

She could hear his hurried footsteps. And did what she does best - she feigned sleep. She was even ready to lie that the boy came to her bed on his own volition.

Papah heaved a sign of relief and clambered back on his bed upon seeing that two bodies squashed on a tiny mattress.

The mad woman continued to feel remorseful, holding the boy's hand to sleep.

Soon... it's hard to explain.. but that tiny hand in hers somewhat lifted the glum off her chest. A whiff of his shampoo-ed hair made her slightly woozy with love.

She is telling you.. she is unstable.

Did Saturn/Sapturn have that same effect on you? Yesterday at 3.13 - 5.23pm, did you go ballistic scolding everyone / everything that came your path? Especially young innocent boys? And around midnight, you were drowning in remorse, and went off to kidnap your own son?


goolypop said...

i hate chew!

i know!

no you dont!

I do!

Winn said...

we hate chew!!!

i know

no you dont!

We do!!!!!

tuti said...

don't feel bad. you had to 'scold' him because otherwise he may not have turned out so well behaved. imagine pampering every minute. the result could be quite different.
ok, i am so boring here.

Gargles said...

have a break. have an elvee.

Sinkar Stargazer said...

chimakan jiao chimakan la.. blame the galaxy pulak!

present goolypop said...

goolypop in the past,

do u believe in doppelgangers?

i wonder where is future goolypop..

gooly tanya said...

winn, mou dor mai yan dei lock sui.. WE is referring to who sin?

gooly also boring said...

tuti, u dun hate me?

u are not boring there ah? where is there ah?

Oxbridge gooly said...

gargles, elvee.. apa tu? its either elves or elvis..

No go skool one u!

NEI JIAU SORT! said...

Sinkar Starglazer,

if chimakan, can blame on UHU gam mou?

tuti said...

haha, so many personalities here i dunno who i am nor who i am talking to chor. and i don't hate her, hahhaha.

goolypop said...

tuti, nah take this mirror. And talk to it. Its easier hoh? :D

Big Pumpkin said...

So THAT'S WHY I was why I was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cybertron Gooly said...

B.P.We are not alone!! I have other confirmed looney cases due to the stupid saturn dunno do what effing transit.I swear! Moods were a bit wonky that day in the whole planet earth.


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