Sunday, October 11, 2009

The other love

Yesterday afternoon, Ada's mom needed to 'borrow' Gooly as Ada's playmate for a couple of hours. They went out for awhile.

Meanwhile Papah just got back after missing for a week. We got down to the lobby together when Uncle A called to say they have returned.

When Gooly saw us, he smiled widely and said, "Hi, Mom!"

I bent down, beaming, ready to give him a hug, and to say, "I missed you.."

Let's do this slow motion.

I bent down... arms reaching out... music from Westlife's Queen of my Heart started.

Then suddenly..krrreeerrrkkkk. The cd went berserk.


Because Gooly went straight passed me, and hugged his papah instead. "I miss you so much, papah!"

Papah was 'terkejut' but touched nonetheless.

"I missed you too, Son.."

Aww...that was really shweet.

With my arms outstretched still, I went to hug the guard.

Overheard that night:

"How many days you didn't kiss me?"
"Many days.. I missed you so much."
"You want to kiss me now?"

FYI, I was not involved in that conversation.

I like the lyrics of this song. It portrays a typical asian family - fathers are always a bit shy to profess love to their kids, you know.But singing makes it easier, I suppose. Hah!


tuti said...

that's what love should be. you and papah and goolypop got it right. got patent or not? :P

tuti said...

my comment so boring. but i is a boring person, sorry. brain a bit fused. next few moons i try to be more farnies, k?

reanaclaire said...

SO..what happened to the guard?

gooly monies said...

tuti..aiyoh, i got pressured you to be farnies ah? Hehehe...Considered ur self lucku i nvr pressure you for money ok..


gooly tak hamsap said...

claire, the guard shook my hand.

What you want wor? :D

Gargles said...

lipai a lot of mosquitoes flying around...i also outstretch my hands ready to flatten these mozzies..

gooly knows said...

gargles, that would be your 'jajataitai' trick, when u realised the guard din wan to hug you?


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