Sunday, October 25, 2009

International Cultural Day

Ms Sweden, Ms Japan, Ms India, Mr Malaysia

It was a chaotic day with lots of colours and tears (from the kids.) They kicked off the event with the usual assembly. Then followed by a parade by the kids holding flags. The song "It's A Small World" was put on repeat mode, giving me a huge headache.

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small word after all
(Oh shuddap already!)

The kids didn't know how to march properly yet. (heheh! What did I expect?) Some were crying but still forced to make the rounds. The principal was very panicky, reminding the kids to hold the flags up, not down..afraid of being accused of being disrespectful to the respective countries.

"Hold up..hold it up! Wave...! Wave..! Smile and wave.."

The teacher decided to add "Nama saya.." at the very last minute. Thus there was a slight hiccup in Gooly's short speech because he didn't rehearse that line with me at home. But once he got the flow, the speech went on smoothly. His Malaysia Boleh at the end was spunky, garnering lots of cheers from the audience.

Master France's mommy was very proud of her son's merci and bonjour speech. She teared a little. It was touching to watch a mommy feeling so awed at her child's ability to stand in front of a crowd speaking in his mother tongue. I imagined her thinking, "My boy ..that's my boy.. so brave.. !" In french of course. I reckon he must have been a shy boy.

Miss Malaysia? Me? What dya mean I am not Miss Malaysia?

Ok..fine fine.. The mommy of Master Malaysia (geesh! such a long noun!) was equally proud. Beaming and swelling with pride the moment he donned on his national costume. He, btw looked smashing, thanks to "you know who you are" for sending it all the way from home.

Oh, I made bergedil in small quantity which was a good thing because the amount of food sponsored or cooked was way too much. The buffet spread which consisted of Italian Pizza, sushis, kimchis, curry, cakes and others was on par with those served in hotels.

Burp! I wonder what happened to the leftovers.

If it wasn't for the food, I wouldn't have gone!

Kidding........ Of course I wouldn't have missed it for anything. My son..representing Malaysia for the first time.. at age four. *beam*

Okeh! One event down.. few more to go. It's Halloween next week. Meanwhile, enjoy the short video.


tuti said...

that was so nice!
heartwarming. especially to see the parents/adults so enthusiastic with the little ones too.
mr malaysia looks particularly handsome. hip hip hooray malaysia boleh!

goolypop said...

tuti..ya..the food was nice! Ops.. i mean the kids were so cute..yada yada yada..hehe.

reanaclaire said...

hey..pandainya, gooly!! Malaysia Boleh!! memang boleh jika bukan di dalam Malaysia! Gooly Memang BOLEH!

Winn said...

can he sing negaraku?

I know who I am said...

*dab tears* awww.. so sweet
*nudge nudge person beside me* you see that? that's me! my name! awww....

oh ya! gooly tersangat boleh! future ambassador for SatuMalaysia.

(dun tell me what other functions the school is going to have again, ok?)

edamame said...

eh kenape takde gambar begedil ni? :) nak tengok. :P owen cute gitu. pandainya berbahasa malaysia :)

CY said...

Gooly Boleh! Wait wait, I will reserve the Malaysia Embassy post for him 20 years later, OK? Way to go, Gooly!

now want nasi lemak tim said...

claire, di dalam/di luar..kita tetap orang malaysia..kan?

Gooly che tai pau said...

winn, not only negaraku..rukun negara lah..ISA law lah.. resipi for Nasi Lemak lah.. all also he knows!

next event is Halloween lor said...

You know who you are,

i know who you are..
i know what you did last summer..
i know next event is halloween..
and i'm thinking of something about Chun Li and Power Puff costume. YOu know where to get ah?

gooly chef said...


bergedil pic ah.. no nid pic lah. Next time masak for you yau tim war... (take out leftovers from that day fr fridge)

i know you same like your sis said...

Cy, eh, can 'chup' the malaysia embassy post one ah? Which post sin..? Skali is the ahchar jaga pintu post..


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