Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you tried this?

The other day, at 3.14pm ( I knew cos I looked at the clock), I was feeling slightly woozy. Nah, I wasn't inebriated. It was the time of the month when I needed more sleep than usual.

But Gooly was due to be home in 20 minutes. Dang! I needed to sleep so much. I plopped down on my pillow, and stared out the grill-less window.

.. opening and shutting my eyes. Hoping to sleep, afraid to sleep. Want to sleep, cannot sleep (in case I don't wake in time to bring Gooly up from the lobby.)

And so I was delirious. You know the feeling? Between here and there? Neither here nor there? Antara Anyir dan Jakarta? Asleep vs. awake?

Here's the thing - when I closed my eyes, I heard things. Aiyarr..not spooky stuff lah. Things like, the rain pitter pattering. Things like the fountain splashing. Birds chirping (always a sign that the rain is about to stop). And..hoi! Chain saw sound. Ops.. sorry. That was my snore.

And I woke. And my eyes took over the senses. I saw rain patterns on my windown pane, dark clouds clearing, green leaves atop of trees, birds flying to North Pole (how the heck I know where they were going jek?)

And I smiled and the tune came -I got a feeling.. it's gonna be a good good day~ (albeit 6 hours late. It should come in the morning)

Have you tried this therapy? Just relax.. inhale, exhale (in other words, snore like me), listen and watch Mother Nature. Just for a few minutes. And bingo! You will have I got a feeling.. it's gonna be a good good day~ moment too.

Try it! No time? Sorry-lorr, I cannot help you with that.

Note: Do you like that song? And yes, this therapy may not work for the grumpiest people on the face of the earth. By that, I mean YOU! :P


tuti said...

wah, a whole post for me!!? :P

gooly guffaws said...

tuti..bwahhahaha. Not you lah! its meant for titu. :P

If i make declaration of love, i not shy one.. I will say ur name loud loud. Use loud speaker summo ah. :)

Gargles said...

liar! i tried that just now and when i opened my eyes again, it was almost an hour gone! shucks! too late to go passat timmm.. all your fault!

(good to have an excuse to skip groceries.. tarpao for the rest of the week liao)

gooly telanjang said...

gargles...*whisper* have to be naked! I forgot to say tim..hehehhehe.


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