Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raising Gooly

On eating

*opens fridge door*

Mom, can I have this cookie?

No, you had loads of junk food already.


*closes fridge door*

On sleeping

Time to sleep.

Wait, I'm cutting.

If this takes longer then we can't read books. Do you want to cut or read?

Cut. *tongue sticks out in full concentration*

*ten minutes later*

Let's go.

Ok. Can I have one story?

No, I asked you to choose. You chose cutting.

Ok, Mom.

On doing homework

You have to finish your homework before you go down to play. I will turn off the tv for a while so you can concentrate on your homework, ok?

Ok, Mom.

On going home after playing at the park

C'mon, MOM! Let's go. It's getting late! (It's gonna rain!) (Mosquitoes are coming!) - whichever relevant.

On waking up in the morning

Wakey wakey, son.

*grumbles and snorts and snores*

Ada is waiting for you. Today is school day.

Selamat pagi, Mom. *hair sticking at all direction with a goofy smile*

I feel compelled to write all these down cos taking care of him is such a breeze. Really momantai.

Sure, there are occasional grunts and complains. Like.... erm.. I really have to think about this.

Gimme 5 minutes.

*tick tock*

Oh yes.. last week -

On being impatient

Mom, when is Ada coming over?

At 1 o clock.

How long is that?

One hour from now.

Awww.... that's so long. I don't want it to be one hour. I want it now. Awwww...

Sorry, it's not my problem that you are impatient.


Do you know magic to make it 1 o'clock now? If no, stop whining.

Awwww...*plops on bed dramatically*

*continues awww-ing*

2 minutes later...

Mom, can I have a cookie?

See? That's the worst drama. Not that bad, right? I even think my retorts were a bit harsh and uncalled for. Poor boy..

Oh, and there were times when he fell asleep in the taxi, and refused to walk. But because he is a gunny sack of rice now, I can't possibly lift him without breaking a nerve or bone or crushing my boobs. So I had to hold his lumpy hand and listened to his kerlian speech.

I'm tired... I can't walk.... I miss Papah.. I want Papah..

Yada..yadda.. yadaa...

I nodded and "yeah, I know...I know" the whole journey from lobby to the lift to our unit.

And the moment he stepped into the apartment -

Mom, can I have a cookie?

As long as I have cookies in the fridge, parenting him is really momantai! No problemo. ;-)

On that note, I don't know if it's him or us

..or that homework is easy and few

..or that TV shows are a tad too boring for him

..or that 10 hours of sleep is really enough

..or that Bangkok is heaven for moms with 4 -soon-to-be -5 year olds

..or that our kitchen is facing west, thus the good fengshui for bringing up kids

..or that cookies really make him high.

To be on the safe side, I won't change anything of the above. Nothing. Simply because I don't need the cane or inhaler to survive motherhood.

I'm gloating, you know. Just in case you hadn't notice. Teehee.


tuti said...

haha. i didn't know you were gloating till i read the last lines.
good genes perhaps?
i blame lots of bad genes nowadays.
now may i have a cookie?

Winn said...

last time hor i used to call from home to my mom's office ( fixed line time)

me :'kiu mahmee theang diu wah'

or when i'm in good mood i'll say' cheng mun mahmee hei dou mou?'

then when my mom ans the phone i'll say' mommy can i eat maggi mee? or can i eat this eat that?'

UNTIL one day i automatically dont ask anymore. i duno when but i just dont ask for permission for eating, thats why kau dou kum tai wok!

one day, when gooly doesnt ask permission for cookie tell me!!!!!! hahah

No wonder my ass is big said...

tuti, *munch cookie without offering* ya.. Those bad jeans are really a prob.. They make my ass bigger than it is!
*offers cookie crumbs* want some?

Forecaster gooly said...

Winn red apple, if I was ur mom's kelik .. I will say , chuen sai gai ahma is ur mommy ah? Then call the tealady to answer ur call.

I think on January 21 2011 gooly will stop asking. Tungsing say one.

Big Pumpkin said...

I guess boys are generally easier. With my Tee, we go through the same conversations except they are a lot longer because she has a comeback over and over and trying to win her case *sigh*


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