Saturday, August 22, 2009


Are we plagued with assumptions and presumptions?


If we saw an obese, we'd think: ATE TOO MUCH! WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH!



If we saw a friend online on a beautiful Saturday morning, we'd think: LOSER! NO LIFE! (Ya, I am the one online on a beautiful Saturday morning :P)

Assumptions/presumptions again~

Sometimes when I am having an important conversation, my mind doesn't quite follow the flow, and I'd go "Have I just been assumed/presumed/misunderstood?"

Take for example..

Yesterday I visited Gooly's school, met the principal and asked the necessary questions. For those uninitiated, Gooly was born in January, thus eligible to start his primary education a year earlier (should we go back to Malaysia.) So I asked the principal if he could go to K2, instead of K1.

Immediately I was presumed/assumed to be KIASU!

In her words, she said, "Your child will VOMIT if you pushed him too hard!" (and she made a retching sound)

No, no, no, no.. you don't know me. I am anything BUT kiasu.

I'm asking because I wanted to know.

No, no, no.. I don't want my child to VOMIT *retching sound*

Yes yes yes.. If pushed too hard, they will VOMIT! *retching sound*

Geeez.................... I was only asking! Don't assume/presume I am expecting him to gain a degree by next year!

*retching sound*

It's kindergarten...... Vomit mud kwai?

(also not looking at Gg's profile pics) (THIS ONE REALLY BIG LOUD RETCHING SOUND) Sometimes she goes by the pseudonym Gargles.


Gargles said...

last nite didn't manage to get my autograf, haimai? not my fault if the queue has more than thousands admirers lining up for it. ok ok, i sign for you now la, dun pinjui la.

*draw vomitted bloody turtle on profile pic* here you go!

goolypop said...

Gargles, yesterday you got event meh?

*take profile pic and put in blender*


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