Sunday, October 25, 2009

The King and I - Part "Song" (that's 2 in thai)

The other day, I was waiting for Papah at the mall. Or was I waiting for a taxi? Never mind.. before I digress further...

So I was there (posing hiaohiao-ly) when I realized that there was a platform built with a gargantuan picture of His Majesty the King. Nothing unusual, his posters are everywhere.

You may not know but HM is critically ill at the moment. And so the platform and long tables with notebooks are everywhere for commoners to convey their well-wishes.

As I sat there, I saw many people, young and old alike, wanting to write down their messages in the book. Some walked past in a flurry then decided to make a u-turn instead. They looked at the poster with strong emotions, gave a respectful 'wai', and proceeded to write their wishes to the King.

There must be at least hundreds of messages in the books. Combined with other booklets in other participating malls, I am sure the number reach up to thousands, if not hundred thousands.

You may wonder if the King reads the messages. He may not, but who cares? Sometimes we just love, without needing the person to know what we have done or said.

Everyone in this Kingdom wishes the King well and healthy. Including inhabitants like us. Don't know how, but we had grown to respect and honour him too.

Song Phra Charoen.

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