Saturday, October 10, 2009

A ride for three

You know, Ada's dad has something really cool.

No-lah, it's not a Lamborghini.

If he had that, I'd use 'mid-life crisis' as an adjective. Not cool.

So what is it?

Heh.. it's a motorized bicycle. A family bike with tandem seats in front and at the back. One for Ada, and one for the mum.

How cool is that?

It warms my heart when I see them zooming by in the evening, always teasing us with a grring grring when they spot us.

Gooly will then ask for rides too. He takes the back seat. He is a bit shy to put his arms around Uncle A's belly, so he just parks them at the hip area. And Uncle A would accelerate (needs no pedaling, remember?), and the two kids have this permanent smile fixed on their flushed faces.The gentle wind would be blowing their hair.. it's really a great way to wind down the day.

Just now we were at the pool, when Ada came by as a pillion rider on her dad's cool bike. After some chats, they were heading back. So Ada waved, and when the bike jerked forward a bit, she went "Wooooahhh!"

Gooly giggled himself silly and said, "Be careful, Ada! Hold on tight!!'

And the bike went off, just in time for us to hear her echo of, "OOOOOOKKKKKKKK~~~ "

Really cute.

I *heart* life's simple pleasures. Riding with dad is one of them. Riding as a family? Even better!


tuti said...

doing anything together is always meaningful and fun. the heart is in a secure place. that is the best place to be.
now move over, can i squeeze my buntut for a ride too? whaaa? must push ah. ok ok i push bike then.

reanaclaire said...

i aso wan, i aso wan...
i tried that in JB, dangga bay.. my son in front, me and daughter behind.. very fun one.. have to cooperate too..otherwise front one will cycle like mad!!

Winn said...

cannot sit 4 person? put a bakul!

goolypop said...

tuti,wah.. u think acrobats ah? Or u think beca or tuk tuk? How to fit so many? U jog and follow us lah. Heheh.

goolypop said...

claire, that means who pedal ah? Ur son ah? Kesian....... Cooperate means how? When cornering, then have to shift buntut a bit?

goolypop said...

winn, min kiong can sit 3 person and one dog in the bakul lor.. But totally defeats the purpose of walking the dog lor! U heard before bakul-ing the dog meh?

Gargles said...

best simple pleasure is to see people jatuh from the bike. hahaha.. tht would be so funny to watch... *oops*

Gooly is kind said...

gargles, jom naik basikal with the main objective and sole reason to watch you jatuh from basikal into the monsoon drain to be transported into South China Sea and never ever see you again?

I wuv you..


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