Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am/was insomniac.

There are times that I sleep at 3am, and become a grouchy mom the next morning. And then, I'd be better, sleeping at normal hours. And then suddenly, the night owl in me would emerge again, unannounced.

It is a very tiring cycle. I hate it cos I do love to sleep.

Could it be the coffee? I tried not drinking after 4pm and only one cup per day, as suggested. But still Mr Chau Kung didn't want to date me.

I tried exercising. I feel healthier but not sleepier.


Lighting? *click on off*

Pillows? *fluff fluff*

There is a ghost? CHOY!CHOY!CHOY!

Anyhoo, recently.. I just realized.. it's not confirmed but yeah, I think there is a connection some where. You see, every time I am Nosferatu the Dracula, I look around and realize that Papah is away - traveling, visiting girlfriends exploring other parts of the world.

*GASP* Do you think he has such power to control over my sleep patterns? Dang! If yes, I have absolutely no control over this. Ish! and Yerrrrrrrrr!

I have not decided if I am irritated by this possibility.. or I am awe-struck? I mean, if love means losing sleep, it is quite awesome.. in an irritating way?

So Papah was away, and for those who chat with me, would know I was awake till the guard went to pee at 2.32am. He came back yesterday. (Papah, not the guard. ) Gooly kicked me out of the room at midnight, wanting to sleep with him.

This morning at 7.32am, both of them were snoring lightly still. Gooly wakes at 6.40am, latest, EVERY MORNING, ok?For his entire school life, which is uhm.. 26 days, he jumps out of bed, eager to go to school see his girlfriend at 6.30am, ok?

But today (after papah gone missing for one whole week).. could it be the comfort of his father's company that he slept so soundly?* He snuggled close to his pop, as snug as a bug. It was too cute to watch.

Even when he woke, he was still attached to papah. Like this:

He was so happy to have his father back. Yeah, me too. I can finally claim my zzzzzzs...

*Dengan jujurnya, I say "It was raining also." So that could be another factor. :P


Vocab Strong Sinkar said...

cannot sleep is not called anemia meh?

oh ya, sorry. anemia is the country origin of animal. lupa.

goolypop said...

Wocap Strong Sinkar,

Anemia is for shy ppl who dun curse.

Contoh ayat: Anemia! Salary not yet come out!

Yang animal Zoo, otherwise known as Joo.

tuti said...

your heart pang sim when papah around mah. so can sleep. subconscious kinda thing i think.

Gargles said...

we know la. papah not around, noone to "kacau" you or higher possibility, you can't "kacau" him, so mah can't sleep lor. hands itchy mah go and surf internet lor... normal. paham.

reanaclaire said...

how snuggly.. the papah's face shows it all!

about yr insomia disease.. i tot only loe yan kar like me only experiences it.. not sweet young thing like u..
but one thing though, u seems to be mentioning the "guard" quite often nowadays...

*smells fishy somewhere*

gooly siao again said...

tuti, ya..pangsim..pangsai also smoother. Hehehe.

gooly quiz said...

Gargles, "kacau" got inverted commas.. it means sumting else ah?
a. macau
b. gacau
c. tacau


Gooly owl said...

claire, in cantonese its called 'kaap'.

contoh ayat: Goolymama always kaap horng kang loe.

Yeh mama, who else awake but the guard la?


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