Monday, October 26, 2009

Dare to dream

Little Einstein was on and he said, "Mom, where is that? I want to go there.."

Oooh... the Northern Lights. One of the wonders of the natural world. I showed him more (amazing) pictures and places where they can be spotted - Alaska, Canada, Norway, Scotland to name a few.

The moment Papah came home, Gooly announced, "I'm going to Alaska next time to watch the Northern Lights!"

"What lights....?" came the reply.

*roll eyes*

That night before we went to sleep, papah and I chatted for a while about dreams and such.

We concluded that it seems impossible for us to travel to the polar regions to see those dancing lights. We could if we were young without any commitments. But not at present. It seems like a far-fetched dream.

However, for Gooly.. it seems possible. He still has the chance. It's good to have dreams. I may even help him to make a list of places he wishes to visit.

No.1 now is Alaska. I think he had wanted to go Africa at one point. So there are two places as of now.

Let's see how long the list gets.

It's good to have dreams. Oh yeah~

Mom, I drew you the Northern Lights. are not snakes! They are the Northern Lights. (Ooh... ok ok)

This is my list of places/things I want to see in random order.. (anyone wants to join me? Before you decide, you should know I snore.. and I don't share bras with just anyone)


Northern Lights too


Forbidden City (when it's deserted, and I can prance around wearing a concubine costume, you can be the eunuch or whatever)

Mamamia Greece

New York in autumn

Taj Mahal (also only when it's deserted like this with no other tourists or vendors selling curry powder)

Chicago on Saint Patrick's Day (mmm.. Irish leprechauns). Hearsay they pour orangy powder into the river and it magically turns green.. The works of leprechauns?

The Dead Sea before it's dead

St. Petersburg on Christmas


Ok, I stop.. I will plan again in the next ten years. I can only afford going one place each year. *pack bras and anti-snore plaster into my LV suitcase and snap shut with a loud CLICK*

Bye everyone!!! I'm starting with Sapturn. See you!!

(Pictures are from everywhere on www. Except for the one with a handsome little boy drawing snakes..I mean, the Northern Lights.)


LV collector said...

I only go if you share your LV suitcase with me.

Winn said...

sapturn doesnt exist here one...itu export quality geh, u dunno one...

he very smart wor, all the routes chosen are out of AirAsia's routes . yau chin tou...

goolypop said...

LWee corrector,

Ok gimme ur passport.. i put inside the suitcase. I got YALE padlock.

I will also swallow the key for safety.

goolypop said...

Winn, yameh? not apply visa jiau can go ah?

By right ah.. AA cannot go London and Oz. It's a misnomer!!

So, u go or not ah? My bra size and urs..charpootdua same.

johwey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johwey Redington said...

I can take you to the Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day if you come visit :)

Johwey Redington said...

Oh we get Northern Lights too sometimes, just not as good as Alaska probably - but still worth seeing.

still wishing gooly said...

Johwey... u r serious? Meahhhh... thats so cool!

*use calculator* oh.. i will need to sell my kidneys, and lungs..and half my brain to buy the air tickets. Now i just need some buyers.. (esp. for my brain.hahaha)


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