Thursday, October 15, 2009

A parcel

This morning, a parcel came at my door. I had been waiting for the loot inside for 7 days 6 nights.

Enclosed was a hand written note. It says that I am beautiful, kind and most lovable. Do not click on the picture to get verification. Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to read one's personal note?

So, trust me, k? That is what was written on that note.

(Don't you just hate love me for my antics?)

OK, so what is inside the old, torn shoe box?

Treasure lah! Like I will tell you!

Actually I will tell you.. by showing you this -

Heheheheh! Thank goodness I am not made of xy chromosomes and do not celebrate Hari Raya Haji, Nuzur Quran or other raya-raya celebrations which require the male species to wear a songkok.

See any resemblance? Abu is cuter, eh?

On the other hand, this boy looks smashing!

Salam, Pak Gooly. It's International Cultural Day at school next week. Thank goodness for nice people (yes lah, you lah! ) who sent the costume all the way from Milan our very own kampung. If not for her for sending that set of costume with such short notice, Gooly'd probably have to go as Mulan. (Why? Because we are Chinese. About the gender issue, don't discriminate females, ok?)

Ok, now.. what is the purpose of a songkok? It doesn't do much, you know. I know cos I was wearing it the whole morning. I mean, at least the turban can be a helmet..or a protective gear. But a songkok..what does it do? It's not very decorative, for sure (on my head at least.)

And the whole morning I was parading the songkok (in my apartment, alone, with curtains drawn), I realized that it didn't cover my zits on my forehead. I don't think it's broad enough to shade. It pressed my hair to an undesirable style when removed. And I think my head stank of sweat after awhile. And black doesn't go with my skin colour (which is why my hair is with streaks of whites)

But I am happy! Gooly can celebrate International Cultural Day and proudly go on stage to say:


That speech has been well-rehearsed. We are doing it Miss Universe style. Yet to perfect the wave, though. Stay tune for pics of the actual day.

(To you, thanks. You know I hate being schmaltzy especially to you because you are supposed to be my nemesis. So stop making me love you, k? So I am not returning the solitaire diamond necklace to you. *)

*a private joke

Addendum: Due to my curious nature, I just have to find out the origin and the history of songkok. I see now why it's designed for men.


Ms Know It All said...

Aiyo! that also dunno ah? why everything i need to tell you one?

it's so obvious! songkok is for you to hide things in there, hence the big space... didn't watch ratatoueeeee?

goolypop said...

Ms Thelma,

Ratatuiiii i really didnt watch. But i tot his hat was taller? Like a top hat?

Songkok, if u clicked on the link, you will see that its purpose is to keep the hair off the face (esp during prayer time for the muslims).

And women bertudung.

Thats why lah, where got girls where songkak one? duh..


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