Saturday, August 29, 2009


What's for breakfast?

The usual - peanut butter sandwich, cheese and a glass of milk.

Mmmm.... oh hang on.. there are some chocolate balls..the size of a pingpong ball.

4 of them. 2 of us.

Mmmm.. let's see.. Should I give him an equal share? Or do I love him enough to give him 3?

2 or 3.. 3 or 2...4? Crazy ah?...

2 lah..But he will surely ask for another.

Like that ah.. 3 lah. What? So many? Crazy ah?

Ok.. 1 minute of my life wasted deciding on the number of choco balls to serve to His Majesty on a beautiful Saturday morning. Faitit!

Don't rush the Queen ok? Plop..plop..plop... 3 balls. 3 balls it is!

*music slowly fades in - The Queen of my Heart by Westlife*

I stare at my one, satu bijik, yatt lapp hoe kwai yum gung choco ball... Sigh, the sacrifice of a mother! Hang on.. I hear something. Let me adjust my antenna.

"Whose... is that?"

What? What?

"Can I have it?"

WHAT? I gave you 3 choco balls! I only have ONE! Now you want mine? Yaumougauchor?

What came out from my mouth was, "Errr..NO!"

"You must to be generous."

You must be generous, not to be generous. (Sempat correct grammar) But the answer is still NO!

*inch closer* "Aw, come on.... You must share.....! When a son asks, the mummy must give, you know.. If not next time I make my own breakfast."

Apa you merepek, son?

The negotiation went on for awhile. Finally I gave him the last choco ball. I knew from the beginning that he would want the last one. I just didn't want to give in easily. There is a cantonese saying which goes, "Something something, sai kan choy~" I think it means in life, you don't get anything easily.

So I will be frying some sausages. Hahhaha! Evil me. That was the plan from the beginning. If he begins his quest with the charchardaidai "Whose is that?" again, I am gonna shove everything into my mouth!


rainbow angeles said...

if me i'll give him one and gobble up the rest!

i'll tell him, ah boy, let mommy hv all the sugar... if not, mommy can't be sweet to u...

lek mou?

gooly drama said...


3 words - jinkak doe oi sei!

Mou yum goong.. rebut with kanak kanak. Tin ahhhh...

tuti said...

what chocolate balls got pingpong size wan? i want to buy too.
sausages are nice. hot dogs? thai? chinese?
aiyah now you make me wanna look for those at the supermart later. weak weak weak. bah.

tuti said...

i know!!! ferrari roche? hahha. F1 now mah.

Gooly explains said...

Tuti, it's like tausahpeah size. Tapi chocolate. Sausage is a kind of dog. So u went supermarket to see only? Didn't eat rite? Hehe

Gooly kwaishu said...

No leh.. Morning brakfast eat chocolate so song ah? Maybe I can lah. Hide in toilet eat..

CY said...

GoolyYamseejoktui:- U into Chinese idioms recently? I "tui ngau tan kam" for u, want or not?

goolypop said...

CY, where got yumsi? It's being philosophical jek..

"yat tueh sin far chap siong ngau fan seong.."

sinjoy sinjoy..

Gargles said...

you missed out the nego part where he starts to point out all the fat stored in you ah?

Gargles said...

why did you turn off comments in the latest 2 posts? takut hantu ke?

reanaclaire said...

why ah? can read but cannot write.. like can see but cannot touch?

rainbow angeles said...

eh yalah.. why kenot comment in the first 2 entries? dun shy ler...

goolypop said...

wahai kawan kawan, i dunno leh.. sudenly like dat.. My country got censorship for comments from SAMPAH ppl, i think. He hehehhe... Lemme try fix it..


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